And you don’t have to worry about knocking them over.

April 08, 2019
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stemless wine glasses

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Everyone should own a good set of wine glasses. Whether you enjoy a glass by yourself every now and then or often host and entertain guests, they're a basic dining essential worth investing in. Fortunately, Amazon shoppers have done the research for us and found a set that's worthy of even your finest wine, but without the high price tag.

Over 1,000 customers have deemed the JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses Set ($13; one of the best. The stout 15-ounce glasses have a near-perfect rating from shoppers who love how elegant, easy to clean, and durable they are. JoyJolt Spirits boasts that the wine glasses are shatter-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and that the bowl-shaped design can actually enhance the flavor of your wine. Plus, shoppers love that the set of four comes at such a low price point for such high-quality glasses.

"These stemless wine glasses have a slightly shorter, slightly wider profile than other stemless wine glasses - [they're] elegant to the eye and have a terrific hand-feel. I predict that these soon will be considered the best in class," wrote one customer. "In addition to being excellent wine glasses, they're perfect for vodka or whiskey on the rocks. These are the best glasses I've ever owned - I plan to purchase another half-dozen soon."

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Reviewers also love that the JoyJolt Spirits glasses are the perfect weight - they're not too light, but also not too heavy - making it much easier to avoid knocking them over, compared to stemmed glasses.

"I have a pair of cats that have recently discovered the joys of gravity...particularly when it comes to pushing my stemmed glasses off of tables. I was looking for a solution that would both allow me to have my water or wine untouched by their curious noses, and keep them from being able to push the glasses around," another shopper wrote."These little glasses are perfect! They're sturdy, hold more liquid than they look like they would, and the tapered top keeps prying kitty faces out. Awesome purchase!"

Whether you tend to break stemmed glasses, you've been searching for a perfect housewarming gift, or you just want to add to your collection, these stemless glasses on Amazon are a great choice.

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