The deet-free repellent creates a 15-foot diameter of mosquito-free space.

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Ah, yes, mosquito season. There’s nothing like going outside to enjoy a nice night, only to get your limbs chewed by pesky bugs. But you no longer have to let these pests dictate your relaxing summer nights, because shoppers are convinced they found the one gadget that keeps insects away for good.

The $25 tool from Thermacell uses a natural insect repellent derived from chrysanthemum flowers to protect up to 15 feet of outdoor space. The deet-free quiet repellent has even been backed by the Environmental Protection Agency for its safety and effectiveness, and won’t leave you with sticky, smelly skin like most typical bug sprays.

It’s simple to use: Place the fuel cartridge in the device, make sure your repellent mat is fresh (it turns from blue to white when it’s all used up), and flip a switch. The heat from the cartridge warms up the repellent, which then spreads throughout the 15-by-15-foot radius. Then, all you have to do is wait 15 minutes and you’ll be free from bugs and bites for up to four hours.

The Thermacell Mosquito Repeller is loved by more than 1,000 shoppers, who gave it an overall 4.8-star rating. People swear by it for everything from gardening to hunting to fishing, and say it’s subtle but effective enough to use in even the nattiest areas. One reviewer called the repeller a “skeeter's worst nightmare,” while another said they’ve owned it for 15 years and it still works.

“These definitely keep mosquitoes away,” wrote another happy shopper. “I can honestly say I never get any bites when the Thermacell is running.”

For all of the upcoming barbecues, patio happy hours, and afternoons spent reading on the porch, this simple gadget will work wonders. If your family enjoys camping, the mosquito repeller can even help things stay relatively peaceful out by the bonfire (we can’t promise it’ll prevent arguments over who gets the last s’more, though)

Below, shop this summer must-have for just $25.

target mosquito hack
Credit: Target

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