Has the pumpkin-spiced craze gone too far?

pumpkin spice spam

Photo: SPAM

This story originally appeared on allrecipes.com by Kimberly Holland.

If you wondered when the pumpkin spice craze would jump the shark, it might have just happened. While Starbucks is rolling out PSL-inspired coffee creamers and Dunkin' is changing its name to Pumpkin', SPAM is turning a Facebook joke into a real-life product.

Indeed, on September 23, you'll be able to purchase SPAM Pumpkin Spice online at Walmart.com or SPAM.com. The quantities will be limited, so you may want to set your alarm if you're craving a piece of fall-flavored canned meat.

A representative for SPAM confirmed the new product, stating "SPAM Pumpkin Spice combines deliciousness with creativity," and the newest SPAM option can "be incorporated into a number of dishes, from on-trend brunch recipes to an easy, pick-me-up snack."

You can credit (or blame?) a 2017 social media prank for this new offering. That fall, the purveyors of rectangular processed pork teased their Facebook audience with a mock-up of a SPAM Pumpkin Spice can. The audience fell for it - in either delight or horror, it's unclear - and two short years later, the brand decided to make the food a reality.

Though we haven't tried the new addition to SPAM brand's offerings, the idea of combining pork with warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and clove doesn't sound unappetizing in the least. Most breakfast sausages have one or two of those, with a sprinkling of sage and black pepper. If you use - as the SPAM representative suggested to us - the meat for a breakfast or brunch hash, it could be downright tasty.

As soon as we get a can or two, we'll try it and report back our findings. We're here for you, dear readers.

This article originally appeared on allrecipes.com