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Ina Garten Swears by This Amazon-Favorite Pepper Mill—And You Will Too

The Barefoot Contessa is never wrong.
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When it comes to matters of the kitchen, our ears always perk up when the Barefoot Contessa has something to say. From her beloved recipes (known to have played a role in a few marriage proposals) to her favorite kitchen tools, when Ina Garten speaks, we listen.

So, when we caught wind that she's a big fan of the PepperMate Pepper Mill, we scurried over to scope it out. After all, if Ina says that it's the best, we trust she knows a thing or two. It was no surprise to discover that this pepper mill is actually pretty handy.

The first thing to love about it? The PepperMate Pepper Mill is multi-functional. Sure, it's billed as a pepper mill, but you could also throw in some salt, spices, and coffee. The easy-to-turn key grind mechanism makes it simple to give the mill a whirl and have whatever you wish freshly-ground with minimal effort.

Other nifty features include settings that allow you to choose how fine or coarse you'd like your pepper. A clear acrylic lets you quickly see when you're running low and need to refill. Simply pop off the top, pour in your desired seasoning or spice, and get going. There's also a convenient bottom cup that functions as a measuring cup. Neatly catch your ground spices and also get a quick reading on volume.

It's also worth mentioning that the ceramic grinding mechanism doesn't absorb flavors—meaning you could process your pepper one day, mustard seeds the next, and then your coffee without affecting their tastes.

This ceramic pepper grinder does double duty as both a pretty kitchen accessory and functional gadget. It comes in a simple shade of white that will compliment any kitchen design, from neutral palettes to explosions of color and patterns. Adaptability and versatility are always real winners in our book. Plus, if Ina Garten loves it, we're pretty sure we will, too.

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Ina Garten PepperMate Traditional Pepper Mill
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PepperMate Pepper Mill

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Grind pepper, spices, even coffee. The Barefoot Contessa's favorite pepper mill will soon be the one you swear by, too.