Misen Dutch Oven

This Gorgeous Le Creuset Dupe Raised Millions of Dollars on Kickstarter—And Costs Less Than $200

Reviewers are obsessed with this stylish dutch oven (even the ones who own Le Creuset and Staub already!).
Amy Schulman
July 27, 2021
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If you've long put off buying a Dutch oven because of steep prices, you're not alone. Some of the best Dutch ovens, after all, cost hundreds, and some budget-friendly options break or crack too easily. To combat those woes, Misen, the direct-to-consumer cookware company, designed a two-in-one Dutch oven that's actually affordable—and millions of dollars raised on Kickstarter and months of waiting, it's finally here. 

Built from four layers of enamel, the durable 7-quart Dutch oven boasts a virtually nonstick surface, so you won't have to worry about food sticking to the bottom. With a base diameter that's one to two inches wider than competing versions, the piece has a large surface area on which to brown hunks of meat and sear everything from plump meatballs to caramelized onions. Plus, it has wide handles, allowing you to easily grip the sides and transfer it from the stovetop to the oven.

misen dutch oven
Credit: Misen

But what makes this Dutch oven different from the rest is that you can opt for a traditional lid or one that doubles as a grill pan. The grill pan lid is made from the same tough enamel as the Dutch oven base, complete with high ridges that give steaks and slabs of bread those coveted charred grill marks, while the traditional lid is outfitted with a large handle that's safe to put in the oven. No matter which Dutch oven you decide on, both come with an extra silicone lid and color choice of black and red.     

misen dutch oven
Credit: Misen

To buy: Misen Dutch Oven, $165 at misen.com

Five-star reviews have already started pouring in, and shoppers are calling it the "superior Dutch oven" that "cooks like a dream." One customer even notes that they already can't imagine their kitchen without it. 

"I am a professional chef and have both Le Creuset and Staub Dutch ovens," a five-star reviewer says. "I purchased this one because of the large size and price. I am so impressed! I've been using it daily and have nothing but good things to say about it. Quality, love the grill top lid, superb enamel will not even scratch after one month, and best of all, the value."

Dutch Oven
Credit: Courtesy of Misen

To buy: Misen Dutch Oven, $165 at misen.com

"Side by side you can't tell the difference between this pot and my $400 one," another customer says. "I've used it three times and I still can't tell the difference."

Head on over to Misen to pick up the already beloved Dutch oven for just $165