Meet your new favorite teeny-tiny plant baby.

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Sometimes we come across things we never knew we needed, but once they're in our lives, we can't remember a time without them. For some people, this might be their partner or pet, but for me, it's mini succulents. Once you see these teeny-tiny indoor plants, you'll be obsessed, too.

Plenty of succulent varieties naturally are small, but now picture the baby versions of these that are about the size of your thumbnail. Or check out some of the 16,000 #minisucculents posts on Instagram like I did. One of the most eye-catching collections you'll see comes from @botanicalbright. The self-described plant-lover and artist Becca Stevens is behind the account and has been creating these miniature masterpieces for two years.

"As an artist, I've always been inspired by nature and plants. I also love tiny things," Stevens says. "When I learned that you could propagate a little miniature succulent from a leaf, I was in love. There's a bit of a learning curve to it, but the process of propagating is so fun to learn about, and creating and sharing tiny arrangements has become such a source of joy for me."

Stevens' social media feed features many adorable designs, including a Christmas tree and a pumpkin planter, but her favorite is actually one of the simplest. "I had propagated a perfect little succulent that's one of my favorite varieties, then I found a tiny teacup, added a little bit of moss, and popped it in. I smile every time I see the photo."

tiny succulent

Although Stevens' displays are stunning, she notes that they don't last forever. She explains on her website that she enjoys an arrangement for a few months and then replants the succulents in a larger container so they can keep growing.

Of course, after scrolling through this plant eye candy, I had to get one for myself. Unfortunately, Stevens doesn't sell any of her creations (though she does offer jewelry), but after a little research, I found the Etsy shop TierraSolStudio. The store describes its inventory as "hand-grown plants and handmade ceramics for plant killers." The shop has a nice selection of mini succulents, including a micro cactus that's unbelievably tiny.

mini cactus pail
Credit: Courtesy of Becca Stevens

I decided on the Rosita mini cactus for $18 because of its beautiful, bright pink flowers. According to the description, my package will come with an itty bitty cactus, a 1-inch ceramic planter, white sand, and care instructions. I'm notoriously not the best at keeping plants alive, but I'm willing to give it a try. Hopefully, I'll manage to enjoy the cuteness of this cactus for at least a while and I might even add some of my own #minisucculents posts to Instagram.