A bamboo bath tray on a bathtub

This Bathtub Tray Is a Little Luxury That Amazon Shoppers 'Should Have Bought Years Ago'

And we found a secret 15% off code.
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At the end of a long day, relaxing in a hot tub is a little luxury that really hits the spot when life is feeling stressful. Sometimes a little more is needed to make that tub time feel complete, like a great book, a glass of wine, or having your phone within reach (yet also safely away from the water). This might sound like an overly ambitious bath experience, but 2,000 five-star ratings on Amazon point to a solution in the Homemaid Living Bamboo Bathtub Tray.

This bath caddy is designed to be a universal fit for almost any bathtub size or shape on the market and extends on either side to reach 43 inches across for wider tubs. It's made of solid bamboo wood that's sturdy and water-resistant to hold up to splashes over the years. Plus, the bath caddy has a built-in wine glass holder, a space for a book or tablet with a back to prop up whatever you're reading, and compartments to safely store your cell phone and a bar of soap. This bathtub tray is already reasonably priced at $30, but we found a secret code that will bring it down by 15 percent. Enter 15KLNK3O at checkout to apply the discount and save a few dollars.

To buy: $26 with code 15KLNK3O (was $30); amazon.com.

Shoppers on Amazon love that the tray gives them a safe and secure way to read in the tub. One reviewer says that they read books in the bath often but that they had to essentially prop themselves up uncomfortably on one side, which left them in pain, but this bathtub caddy has completely eliminated the problem. 

"I should have bought this years ago!" the shopper writes. "I read in the tub every night, but the book is usually on my right on the side of the tub. It has contributed to right side rib pain. This beauty keeps me sitting upright and centered. And it is smooth and beautiful!"

Another shopper notes how solid the tray feels when it's in their tub and that they have enough confidence in it staying out of the water that they load up all of their most important tub items on it—like their phone.

"Oh, I am absolutely glad I got this for myself," their review reads. "I really enjoy bath time and this was a must have for me! Its thickness is ideal and it's sturdy for me, I'd definitely gift it if I knew someone that'll enjoy it! I use it for my book or tablet, cell phone, remote for my light, and for a cold glass of water!!"

Enjoy your own bath time ritual even more (or shop for a friend who could use a little pampering) by ordering the Homemaid Living Bamboo Bathtub Tray from Amazon today, and remember to use code 15KLNK3O at checkout.