Your dog will love a platter full of their favorite treats.

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Technically, charcuterie is a selection of meats, usually cured options. But thanks to some incredibly creative food lovers, there are so many delicious grazing boards like hot cocoa platters, Halloween candy plates, and even Christmas charcutewreaths. (And as a vegetarian, I'm very thankful for all the variety.) Recently, I came across a unique snack board that dog owners will especially enjoy. Sorry, humans, it's not for you—a dogcuterie board is a presentation of your pup's favorites treats. It's an easy display to put together, you can use anything you'd like on it, and most importantly, your pooch will absolutely love it.

Macie + Miles is one of my new favorite Instagram accounts featuring two adorable golden retrievers. Based in Columbus, Ohio, the account is manned by the duo's owner, Kara Thornton. For Macie's first birthday, Thornton made a dogcuterie board loaded with her favorite goodies. "I love making charcuterie boards for holidays and get-togethers," Thornton explains. "I wanted to do something special for Macie's first birthday, and since she is super treat-motivated, I thought it would be perfect."

dogcuterie board
Credit: Courtesy of Kara Thornton/Instagram

How to Make a Dogcuterie Board

For Macie's board, Thornton included Milk-Bones ($9, Pet Smart); Greenies Dental Treats ($19, Chewy); WholeHearted Chicken Sticks ($13, Petco); Zuke's Puppy Dog Treats ($7, Chewy); and The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Sweetie S'mores Dog Treats ($6, Chewy). She also used a small bowl of dog-safe peanut butter ($14, Chewy).

dog treat board
Credit: Courtesy of Kara Thornton/Instagram

Thornton simply arranged everything on a serving board ($21, Target) and let the birthday girl enjoy. "This was my first time making a dogcuterie board; we plan on making more dogcuterie boards in the future when we can get our friends' dogs together," Thornton explains.

A dogcuterie board is fun, but it should be reserved for an extra special occasion, like your dog's birthday. And, make sure you don't let your pup eat everything at once as you don't want them to get sick from all the treats. The next time you want to spoil your four-legged friend, arrange a dogcuterie board with their favorite goods. It's a paws-itively perfect way to give them love.

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