Chefs, restaurateurs, and writers talk about the impact of Anthony Bourdain on #BourdainDay.


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Episode 17: Bourdain Day

Anthony Bourdain left us too soon. The chef, host, and author's death by suicide in 2018 left an unfillable hole in the restaurant community, and the world at large. His dear friends Eric Ripert and Jose Andres have declared June 25, his birthday, to be Bourdain Day-an occasion for friends and fans to share their stories and keep his memory alive. But it's complicated. At the recent Welcome Conference and in an in-studio interview, Andrew Zimmern, Steve Palmer, Alpana Singh, Anthony Rudolf, Andrew Friedman, Brian Canlis, Drew Nieporent, Hunter Lewis, Gary Obligacion, Patrick O'Connell, Amy Mills, and Laurie Woolever shared their remembrances and feelings of Bourdain's life, death, legacy, and impact.

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