Bentgo Classic - All-in-One Stackable Bento Lunch Box Container

This Best-Selling Bento Lunch Box with Nearly 12,000 Five-Star Ratings Actually Has Me Excited to Go Back to Work

And it's only $15.
Ariel Scotti
July 14, 2021
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Right now, there are as many opinions on returning to work as there are workers. Some are hesitant and unsure about being back in an office, others cannot wait to abandon their makeshift work from home stations, and plenty fall somewhere in between. Many of us were able to fall into a routine at home for lunchtime — sometimes stretching past an hour and even including wine (we deserved it). But the shift back to an office poses a lunchtime dilemma: Can we pack these multi-course meals we've been crafting at home, or should we just give in and start buying overpriced salads and bad sandwiches again?

While the wine might have to stay home, the good food doesn't have to, thanks to the best-selling Bentgo Bento Lunch Box. This lunch box has two tiers, one that's larger on the bottom and another with a divider on top, and comes with a complete utensil set for one that sits conveniently between the two halves. The whole thing snaps together and is supported by a stretchy band that makes sure nothing spills or leaks from the lid as you make your way from home to your desk each day. It's dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe, plus it comes in eight different colors to suit anyone — even picky kids. The $15 price point and more than 12,000 positive reviews from Amazon shoppers have me excited to order one for myself as I prepare to head back into the office.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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Amazon shoppers say they love that it holds enough food for a great lunch, but it also helps them dole out proper portions and even encourages them to eat better meals. Plus, there's no denying that bringing in lunch is a huge money saver. 

"[The bento lunch box] completely changed the way I eat lunch for the better," one shopper writes. "It also comes with surprisingly useful small plastic silverware that are easy to clean and return to the lunch box. This thing is awesome and I highly recommend it to everyone. It pushes me to properly portion control my lunch and add variety to fill the different containers...the way everything fits together really encourages it. The amount of money it has already saved me from not buying lunches at work has paid for itself dozens of times over. "Grab a stylish, affordable Bentgo Bento Lunch Box from Amazon today and start looking forward to your new desk lunch.