Not shaken, not stirred, but dipped.

Tim Nelson
January 22, 2021
@aldiallthetime via Instagram
| Credit: @aldiallthetime via Instagram

Chances are, you've been aware of the martini since before you were even of legal drinking age. Something about that cocktail in its distinct glass (adorned with an olive) implies class and sophistication, even if that's probably the exact opposite of what one tends to personify after imbibing two or three of them. 

While drinking the occasional martini is great, what about those who are powering through the home stretch of dry January, or who just happen to like the taste of a good cocktail without the gin and vermouth? Surely there must be a dip maker of some kind out there willing to cater to their needs, right?

As a matter of fact, there is. As spotted and shared by Aldi-focused Instagram account @AldiAlltheTime, thye supermarket chain is where you'll find a pretty distinct Dirty Martini Olive Dip from Park Street Deli. 

So how does one go about distilling the essence of a martini into a cocktail? Good question. If the labeling on this perishable dip is to be believed, it starts with green olives to capture a bit of the cocktail's salty brine, then adds in both blue and cream cheese to give it a robust dairy element to it. There's no telling how or even if this dip tries to incorporate the tastes of gin (or vodka, if that's your preference) and dry vermouth, but the dip eschews any alcohol content, for better or worse. 

Even if a dirty (yet kind of dry, if you think about it) martini isn't how you want to enjoy an olive dip, other Aldi options abound. They include Park Street's New Orleans-style Muffuletta dip, featuring neufchatel cheese and cajun spices. If your inability to travel internationally is starting to mess with your tastebuds, a kalamata olive-based Greek olive dip (which also adds in roasted red peppers plus neufchatel and feta cheeses) is the ticket. 

So if you want to pair your crackers with a martini but don't want to shake or stir any cocktails, find this Dirty Martini Olive Dip among Aldi's finds. James Bond may not go for it, but it's more than good enough the rest of us real Martini-drinking mortals. `

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