"Oh, another bottle of red? You shouldn't have."
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This story originally appeared on CookingLight.com by Jaime Milan.

It's always nice to show up with a little something for the host or hostess at a holiday party, but a bottle of wine can be tricky: What kind of wine do they like? Do they even drink?

Plus, wine is just so... predictable. When you're heading to a gathering-especially around the holidays-it can be good to bring something different, fun, and relatively inexpensive, which is where Trader Joe's comes in to save the day. These finds are all under $10, and any host would be happy to receive these gifts.

Paperwhite Bulbs

Trader Joe's has a gorgeous (and super cheap) selection of flowers, and a bouquet would be a fine hostess gift, but there's something extra special about paperwhite bulbs. It's a fun little game to plant them in water, soil, or on top of pebbles and wait for them to bloom. After planting, they take about a month to bloom, and when they do, they make a gorgeous holiday centerpiece. Since they're only $2.99 at Trader Joe's (including the vase), you can stock up on a few and bust them out in a pinch.

Truffle Salt

Truffle Salt is one of those things home cooks (probably) won't buy themselves, given that it's a little fancy, and more expensive. But truffle salt lends all kinds of yummy savory notes to almost any food: Grilled meat, veggies, pasta, and more. And it keeps forever, so you don't have to worry about it going bad. Plus it's just $3.99.

Mixed Popcorn Tin

Who doesn't love a tin of popcorn this time of year? This one's only $9.99 and it's packed with four yummy flavors: kettle corn, olive oil and sea salt, caramel and cheese, and white cheddar. Your holiday movie marathons just got so much better.

Holiday-Scented Candle

Instagram users can't seem to get enough of this piney holiday scent. The candle is made with a soy-coconut wax blend and has notes of "warm cedarwood and sweet balsam." Oh, and it's a steal at only $4.

Box of Chocolate Truffles

This festive little box of truffles is so adorable, and it comes wrapped with a perfect bow. This gift feels luxe, but it's just $3.99 for the whole package.

Grump Tree

This little lemon cypress tree looks like it came straight from Whoville, and would make a whimsical centerpiece for your host. It's just $7.99-even the Grinch couldn't resist this holiday steal.

Olive Wood Cutting Board

We can't believe this cutting board is only $11.99-we know, it's *technically* over $10, but it looks so chic! Pair it with your favorite holiday-themed cheese for a truly special hostess gift.

This article originally appeared on CookingLight.com