Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce Recipes

Find healthy, delicious Thanksgiving cranberry sauce recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

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Cranberry, Cherry & Walnut Marmalade

Rating: 4.24 stars
Fresh cranberries get crunch from walnuts and an infusion of sweetness from dried cherries in this take on a classic marmalade. Leftovers are great on a turkey sandwich.

The Best Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Rating: 5 stars
This is our go-to recipe for homemade cranberry sauce. It's simple (just five ingredients!), is lightly sweet without being too sugary and has just the right amount of zesty flavor from orange peel. Plus, it's so easy--it goes from stove to table in just 20 minutes!

Cranberry-Red Wine Sauce

Use up leftover red wine to make this tart and savory sauce that's delicious when drizzled over seared steak, pork chops or turkey. This healthy cranberry sauce will also impress any Thanksgiving guest with its vibrant color and flavor.

Cranberry Orange Sauce

Rating: 5 stars
Make this cranberry sauce with orange juice and fresh orange segments for a bright twist on the traditional recipe. Spread the leftover cranberry orange sauce on a turkey sandwich or stir into plain yogurt for breakfast.

Kumquat & Cranberry Relish

Kumquats add zesty citrus notes when chopped together with cranberries for this holiday relish. Serve for Thanksgiving with roast turkey or with almost any roasted meat, such as a pork roast or beef tenderloin.

Spiced Orange-Cranberry Sauce

The luxurious, licorice-like aroma of star anise gives this cranberry sauce recipe from José Andrés its special-occasion feel. Don't think of it as just a companion for turkey--it'll dress up a humble sandwich and makes an outstanding topping for a wheel of Brie.

Citrus-Rosemary Cranberry Sauce

This easy cranberry sauce recipe calls for simply jazzing up canned cranberry sauce with orange zest and juice and fresh herbs. Serve it with your Thanksgiving turkey, on leftover turkey sandwiches or along with any holiday meal.
By Andrea Mathis, M.A., RDN, LD

Instant Pot Cranberry Sauce

Thanks to an electric pressure cooker like your Instant Pot, this fix-it-and-forget-it cranberry sauce is sure to free up some room on your stove. This Thanksgiving dinner essential has just five ingredients and is super easy, hands-off and ready in 30 minutes.

Spiced Maple Cranberry Sauce

Most homemade cranberry sauces are made with sugar, but this one-- flavored with unsweetened applesauce and spices-- gets its sweetness from the maple syrup that's added in after cooking.

Cranberry Relish

Take a detour from traditional cranberry sauce and try this recipe that combines fresh cranberries with sweet dates, sage and orange. You can make this no-cook cranberry relish in less than a minute in the food processor. It's a divine accompaniment to roast turkey and perfect on a turkey sandwich as well.

Cranberry-Wine Sauce

Red wine and cranberry sauce combine in this rich and savory sauce, perfect for roast pork or duck.

Gingered Cranberry-Raspberry Relish

Rating: 5 stars
Unlike cranberry sauce, a relish involves no cooking. Here, plump raspberries add a juicy freshness, while crystallized ginger provides sweetness and warmth. It is best served cold. Hold the mayo on your post-holiday sandwiches--use this relish instead for a real treat.

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Best-Ever Cranberry Recipes for Thanksgiving
Whether you're looking for cranberry sauce or cranberry-studded salad, we've got all the cranberry recipes you need for your Thanksgiving table and beyond!
Red Wine Cranberry Sauce
Rating: Unrated
Classic homemade cranberry sauce gets a powerful flavor punch from red wine. As the sauce reduces, the wine gets syrupy, adding robust flavor with a bit of sweetness. Want to take it up a notch? Use port for even more sweetness and flavor.

Jalapeno-Cranberry Relish

Rating: 5 stars

Give some zing to your traditional cranberry sauce recipe by adding jalapeño and lime. This healthy, homemade cranberry relish pairs beautifully with turkey, but also works just as well as a spread for sandwiches or even as a taco topping.