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Intense Strawberry Preserves

Rating: 5 stars 3
This strawberry preserve recipe is made in small batches, to reduce the amount of time the fruit is heated so it retains more of its intense fresh flavor. If you use about 25 percent underripe berries in the mix of berries (they're higher in natural pectin), you don't have to add any store-bought pectin.
By April McGreger

Homemade Fruit Preserves

Chef Vivian Howard's book, This Will Make It Taste Good, is all about creating homemade condiments and seasonings, then using them to boost the flavor in other recipes. This fruit preserves recipe makes a big batch, but there many ways to use it beyond just spreading it on a piece of toast. Use it to make a glaze for meat, chicken or fish, stir it into yogurt, pair it with cheese for an appetizer, or even shake some into a cocktail.
By Vivian Howard

Easy Fig Jam

This easy-to-make fig jam is a great way to use up a lot of figs. This cooked jam is also a wonderful food gift that recipients can slather on toast or put on top of ice cream. Use figs that are ripe, but not overly so. If you're unsure if you've cooked down the jam enough, put a drop of the liquid on a chilled plate and tilt it. If it runs, keep cooking.
By Anna Theoktisto

Fresh Fruit Butter

Rating: 5 stars 2
Fruit butter is made by cooking down the fruit mixture until thick and sticky instead of adding pectin to set the mixture as you do with jam. Spread on whole-grain toast or stir into plain yogurt. We prefer to peel stone fruit, such as apricots, nectarines, peaches, and apples and pear for this recipe. If you're making a butter with “seedy” berries, such as blackberries, raspberries or even blueberries, you can puree the butter and pass it through a sieve for the smoothest result. Try the combination of blueberries with lime juice and zest or plums with orange juice and zest.
By Carolyn Malcoun

Preserved Citrus Paste

Rating: 3 stars 5
Citrus paste uses the whole fruit to create an acidic, bright spread that can be used in tacos, pasta and more.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam

Rating: 5 stars 1
Tart rhubarb and sweet strawberries shine together in this easy strawberry-rhubarb jam. There's no canning involved and with fresh in-season strawberries, added sugar stays in check.
By Pam Lolley

Fresh Fruit Jam

Nothing beats the taste of fresh fruit jam. And when you make it yourself, you can control the amount of sugar used.
By Carolyn Malcoun

Slow-Cooker Sweet Onion Jam with Pancetta

This is a salty, sweet and smoky onion jam with a noticeable pork and black pepper flavor. It may seem slightly runny when hot, but when cooled it's thick and tender. Eat this tasty slow-cooker jam on burgers, especially with blue cheese, or serve on a cheese board. It will keep in the refrigerator for about 5 days.
By Cooking Light

Spicy Onion Jam

Rating: 5 stars 2
Any type of onion will work for this chile-and-pomegranate-infused jam. Spread crostini with goat cheese and top with the spicy-sweet jam for a quick appetizer or tuck some into a steak taco. If you're a fan of spicy foods, use the full amount of ancho chiles.
By EatingWell Test Kitchen

Fast & Fresh Strawberry Jam

This quick and easy jam will surely become a summer staple when plump strawberries are in season.
By Ruth Cousineau

Spiced Cherry Preserves

This cherry preserve recipe is delectable with warm scones, over vanilla ice cream or swirled into plain yogurt. If you have access to sour cherries, you can substitute them for up to half of the sweet cherries and increase the sugar to 3 cups.
By April McGreger

Peach Freezer Jam

Rating: 3 stars 2
This fruit spread-style peach jam can be made with no sugar at all, but we use 1 cup sugar for just a touch of sweetness (up to 3 cups sugar can be used for a sweeter jam). If you want to use glass canning jars, be sure to choose wide-mouth dual-purpose jars made for freezing and canning. These jars have been tempered to withstand temperature extremes.
By Virginia Willis

Inspiration and Ideas

Slow-Cooker Chai Apple Butter
Rating: Unrated 3
Seasoned with spices inspired by chai tea, this slow-cooker apple butter can be slathered on your favorite toast, served with a fall cheese plate or stirred into yogurt.
Smoky Roasted Cherry Jam
Rating: Unrated 3
This is not a sweet jam to eat on your peanut butter sandwich, rather a smoky, roasted cherry jam that goes well with savory foods like cheese, grilled pork tenderloin or roasted chicken. Try it on a grilled cheese sandwich with extra-sharp Cheddar or fontina cheese.
Green Tomato Jam

This green tomato jam is moderately sweet, with the lemon juice and zest enhancing the natural acidity of the green tomatoes. The sugar helps to sweeten the jam just enough without being overpowering and helps to thicken the jam with the pectin from the tomatoes.