Healthy Hanukkah Recipes

Find healthy, delicious Hanukkah recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

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Braised Brisket with Carrots & Prunes
Inspired by tzimmes, a vegetable stew featuring dried fruit and commonly served for the Jewish New Year, we added carrots and prunes to this braised brisket for a sweet-and-savory flavor.
Sour Apple Slaw
Michael Twitty, a food writer and culinary historian, celebrates Hanukkah's miracle of oil by making fried chicken and latkes. He serves up this sweet and tangy slaw alongside.
Merveilles (Orange-Scented Fried Cookies)
In France these are called merveilles, which means miracles. As the dough is fried in oil, it puffs up slightly, transforming into a delicate, airy confection. Here, we have cut the dough into triangles, but you can cut it into any shape you please.
Cauliflower Latkes
Serve these crispy cauliflower latkes for Hanukkah or anytime you want a low-carb alternative to classic potato latkes. We call for prepared cauliflower rice to make this recipe simple. Be sure to squeeze out the excess liquid so your latkes will be crisp, not soggy.
Cinnamon-Raisin Babka
Rating: Unrated
This sweet and swirly cinnamon-raisin babka is topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon-sugar streusel. Fresh orange juice and zest come through to give the flavor some added zing, which helps break up the sweetness and adds a nice bright flavor. This recipe makes two loaves--keep one for yourself and gift the other! You're sure to enjoy it in the morning alongside coffee or as a tasty afternoon treat.
Temple Emanu-El Brisket
Rating: Unrated
This brisket recipe comes from Roberta Greenberg, the longtime assistant to the rabbis at Temple Emanu-El, a well-known New York City synagogue. Quivering cranberry slices that melt into the meat and slowly caramelize give this brisket its lovely character. Even better is that it takes so little effort for this sweet alchemy to work. Serve with latkes and roasted green beans drizzled with balsamic vinegar.
Golden Turmeric Latkes with Applesauce
These crispy-on-the-outside-and-tender-on-the-inside latkes are delicious paired with a subtly spicy clove-scented applesauce.
Pavlovas with Cranberry-Ginger Sauce
This healthy, gluten-free dessert has everything--crisp-on-the-outside, gooey-inside meringue base, whipped cream, tart cranberry sauce and toasted nuts. Plus, you can make everything ahead of time, then simply assemble and serve.
Instant Pot Brisket
Your Instant Pot is the perfect appliance to turn to if you want tender, juicy beef brisket done quickly. Here, we cut the brisket in half so it can fit inside the pot. After it's seared, it's cooked with plenty of onions that add body once blended into the flavorful, rich sauce. If you are making this brisket for Passover, look for products (like ketchup) that are labeled "Kosher for Passover."
Basic Whole Roast Chicken
This roasted chicken recipe may be the most useful recipe you'll ever find. It's a meal on its own or the start of any recipe that calls for cooked chicken--perfect for meal-prepping lunches or dinners to have throughout the week.
Perfect Water & Whole-Wheat Challah
Whether you use it for sandwiches, breakfast toast, or as a serve-along for soups, this whole-wheat version of challah is delightful.
Waffle-Maker Latkes
Skip the greasy mess with this healthy latke recipe by frying your potato pancakes in a waffle iron instead. Serve with sour cream and applesauce for dipping.

Inspiration and Ideas

A Very Festive Hanukkah Dinner Menu for the Festival of Lights
Our Hanukkah dinner plan, including crispy latkes and pavlovas, is the perfect amount of healthy and traditional.