Healthy Chocolate Pie Recipes

Find healthy, delicious chocolate pie recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

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This healthy chocolate peanut butter pie is perfect for any occasion. We lighten up the ganache by using almond milk instead of the typical heavy cream. Peanuts add a welcome crunchy counterpoint to the luscious, creamy filling.
Vallery Lomas
By Vallery Lomas

Chocolate Chess Pie

Chocolate chess pie is simple yet extraordinary. Eggs, butter, sugar and in this instance, cornmeal as a starch, transform in the oven into a bubbly and crisp top with a custardy filling below. Here, chocolate chips and cocoa give it a deeper flavor than vanilla, and buttermilk balances the creamy custard with a little tang.
By Virginia Willis

Neapolitan Ice Box Pie

The concentrated flavor of freeze-dried strawberries makes the pink layer super-fruity, plus they act as a natural food dye. Letting the pie soften in the fridge for a bit before serving gives it a creamier mouthfeel.
By Vallery Lomas

Chocolate Raspberry Tofu Pie

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This chocolate raspberry tofu pie gets an amazing smooth, rich, creamy texture from pureed tofu. But no need to reveal that tofu is the secret ingredient--we're sure no one will guess.
By Elisabeth Redman

Cherry Berry Pie

Adding cocoa powder to a classic pie dough creates a unique chocolate crust that pairs perfectly with the sweet, juicy fruit nestled inside. If you aren't a fan of lattice crusts, you can use a small cookie cutter to cut out decorative pieces of dough to simply place on top instead.
By Vallery Lomas

Peppermint Chocolate Tart

This rich chocolate tart dessert recipe is low in sugar, making it a perfect healthy finish to a heavy holiday meal.
By Summer Miller

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

This chocolate hazelnut tart can be made ahead for a stunning holiday dessert. Top with whipped cream or crème fraîche to balance the rich filling.
By Nik Sharma

Earl Grey Icebox Pie

This elegant icebox pie is in the rotation of popular desserts at Dad's Luncheonette in Half Moon Bay, California. If you don't have loose tea, use the contents of 15 tea bags. Chef Scott Clark keeps the tea leaves in the custard, which gives the filling a bit of texture—you can strain it if you prefer. Finish with a dollop of whipped cream.
By Betsy Andrews

S'mores Pie

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This pie has everything you love about the classic bonfire treat--a graham cracker crust, smooth milk chocolate filling and a pillowy, toasty meringue that evokes all the feels of marshmallows--without getting smoke in your eyes.
By Ben Bebenroth