Healthy Homemade Pasta Dough Recipes

Find healthy, delicious homemade pasta dough recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

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Spinach Cannelloni with Cabbage & Smoked Mozzarella

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At Ristorante il San Pietro in the Piedmont of Italy, they use scamorza affumicata, an aged smoked mozzarella, but smoked fresh mozzarella works too in this healthy homemade vegetarian pasta recipe. You can substitute dry pasta, such as cannelloni or manicotti, for the fresh. Cook 12 noodles according to package directions, then stuff and sauce them.

Spring Vegetable Lasagna with Fresh Spinach Pasta

Making pasta from scratch takes a bit of extra effort and counter space, but the rewards are worth it: the satisfaction of accomplishment, plus a superior taste and more supple texture than any store-bought variety. (Plus, you'll really impress your friends.) This vegetarian main dish incorporates fresh produce not only in the homemade dough but also in the layers between the noodles.

Beef & Pork Ragù with Fresh Whole-Wheat Taglierini

Skip the jar of tomato sauce at the supermarket. This homemade ragù is so simple and so good that you'll want to make it in batches and freeze it so you always have some around. For the homemade pasta, this healthy recipe uses whole-wheat flour instead of the 00 type often used, adding a nutty flavor and fiber. Serve with your favorite Italian red wine.

Fresh Egg Pasta (Pasta Fresca)

Why not roll your own? Pasta, that is. This eggy dough comes together quickly in a food processor.