French Salad Dressing Recipes

Find healthy, delicious French salad dressing recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at eating well.

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Grilled Pork Loin with White Bean Puree & Lemon Herb Vinaigrette

Rating: 5 stars 5
This easy grilled pork loin recipe served with a white bean puree gets a pop of fresh flavor from the lemony, fresh herb vinaigrette. Make it a complete healthy dinner with steamed green beans and a green salad tossed with Italian dressing.
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By EatingWell Test Kitchen

Mint Vinaigrette

Rating: 5 stars 1
This brightly flavored lemon-mint vinaigrette recipe is an ideal dressing for mixed green salads or grain salads, such a quinoa or freekah, topped with fresh fruit.
By Joyce Goldstein

Garlic-Oregano Vinaigrette

To get the most flavor out of this easy vinaigrette dressing recipe, dried oregano is rubbed between your fingers and toasted before being whisked with the remaining ingredients.
By Joyce Goldstein

Easy Red-Wine Vinaigrette

Rating: 3 stars 3
This versatile red-wine vinaigrette recipe is a healthy dressing for your salad but it's also delicious drizzled on grain salads or over grilled or roasted vegetables.
By Joyce Goldstein

Warm Pear & Spinach Salad with Maple-Bacon Vinaigrette

Rating: 4 stars 1
Mature, larger-leaved spinach holds up better to the warm bacon vinaigrette than baby spinach in this healthy spinach salad recipe. If you don't want the spinach to wilt, let the dressing cool before tossing it with the salad.
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By EatingWell Test Kitchen

Apple-Balsamic Vinaigrette

Chopped shallots and Dijon-style mustard are the perfect additions to this apple-balsamic vinaigrette.
By Diabetic Living Magazine

French Dressing

Rating: 4 stars 2
A homemade cousin of bottled French dressing.
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By EatingWell Test Kitchen

Beet Bliss

Rating: 5 stars 8
This healthy and pretty beet salad recipe is dressed with a tangy-sweet maple-mustard vinaigrette. Use the leftover dressing for any salad later in the week.
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By EatingWell Test Kitchen

Lobster Niçoise Salad

Steamed lobster is a luxurious swap for tuna in this otherwise-classic, veggie-loaded Niçoise salad. In a pinch--or if you don't want to deal with a giant pot of boiling water on a steamy summer day--many supermarkets have freshly picked lobster meat at their seafood counter or in the freezer case. Serve with a warm baguette for lunch or dinner.
Kathy Gunst
By Kathy Gunst

Mixed Garden Greens Salad with Homemade Low-Calorie French Salad Dressing

This easy and quick vegetable side salad is tossed with a homemade low-fat French dressing and sprinkled with Cheddar cheese. If you're short on time or don't have ingredients on hand to make your own dressing, substitute a bottled reduced-calorie French salad dressing.
By Diabetic Living Magazine