Healthy Side Dish Recipes For Two

Find healthy, delicious side dish recipes for two. Healthier recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

Staff Picks

Oven Sweet Potato Fries

Rating: 4 stars 11
Making oven fries out of sweet potatoes brings out their inherent sweetness.
By EatingWell Test Kitchen

Lemon-Parm Popcorn

Rating: 5 stars 2
Perk up your popcorn with a bit of lemon pepper and Parmesan cheese.
By EatingWell Test Kitchen

Easy Whole-Wheat Couscous

Feel free to double this recipe to suit your needs. To add more flavor, swap reduced-sodium broth in for the water.
By Katie Webster

Oven-Baked Curly Fries

These oven fries crisp up without the greasy mess of deep-frying. Plus they're a bit easier and faster to make than traditional hand-cut fries thanks to the quick work of the spiralizer. Just watch the thickness: cut too thin, the fries will burn easily.
By Erin Alderson

Baked Chili-Lime Zucchini Chips

Crunchy chips are so satisfying--even when you swap in zucchini for potatoes. In fact, you might even find you like these baked zucchini chips even better than potato chips.
By Beth Lipton

Mexican Potato Omelet

Rating: 3 stars 2
Whip up this simple, tasty omelet on those nights when it seems the refrigerator is bare. Frozen hash browns are perfect for such occasions--just look for a brand with little or no fat. And while the cheese adds some fat, it also provides almost a third of your daily calcium needs.
By EatingWell Test Kitchen

Chopped Mediterranean Salad

Chopped vegetables take on a Mediterranean flair in this quick and easy salad recipe. Flavored with a simple pesto vinaigrette and topped with crumbled feta cheese, this salad serves two and is ready in just 20 minutes.
By Diabetic Living Magazine

Sauteed Spinach with Toasted Sesame Oil

Rating: 4.5 stars 4
A delicious and quick spinach saute is a nice addition to any meal.
By EatingWell Test Kitchen

Creamed Spinach

Rating: 4.5 stars 4
EatingWell's updated version of creamed spinach has a low-in-fat cream sauce that's rich with Parmesan cheese and nutmeg.
By EatingWell Test Kitchen

Sauteed Spinach with Pine Nuts & Golden Raisins

Rating: 5 stars 7
Pine nuts and sweet golden raisins brighten up sauteed spinach.
By EatingWell Test Kitchen

Zucchini Fritters with Orange Shrimp

Rating: 5 stars 1
Orange-ginger marinated shrimp are served alongside crispy zucchini fritters with a yogurt-based dipping sauce in this simple main dish recipe.
By Diabetic Living Magazine

Bean and Veggie Patties

These delicious veggie patties are a great side dish, but can also be a fulfilling and meatless main meal. Ready in just 35 minutes, the patties are made with garbanzo beans, zucchini and carrot and are served topped with Greek yogurt and an oregano-flavored vegetable topping.
By Diabetic Living Magazine

Inspiration and Ideas

21 Thanksgiving Sides for Two
These Thanksgiving side dish recipes will steal the attention from any turkey. Each recipe yields just the right amount for two people, so it's easy to celebrate without worrying about endless leftovers. Whether it's Stuffed Sweet Potato Casserole for Two or Skillet Green Bean Casserole for Two, these side dishes are classic, healthy and delicious.
Garden Fresh Quinoa
Quinoa is a whole grain and contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. With its high fiber and antioxidant content it's easy to see why everyone is talking about quinoa these days! Try it with garden vegetables in this delicious, quick-and-easy dish.
Lemony Carrot Salad
Rating: 4.5 stars 3

Tangy lemon and fresh dill make a bright dressing for shredded carrots.