Healthy Coffee Drink Recipes

Find healthy, delicious coffee recipes including iced coffee, café latte, café mocha and Irish coffee. Healthier recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

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Frozen Espresso Martini

This frozen twist on the classic cocktail is perfect for sipping in hot weather. The coffee liqueur provides sweetness—no extra added sugars needed. Freezing the coffee into ice cubes helps chill the drink without diluting the flavor.
By Julia Levy

Chocolate-Hazelnut Iced Coffee

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This vegan iced coffee explodes with rich chocolate-hazelnut taste, but it won't weigh you down like a barista-made Frappuccino. Using hazelnut milk and creamer will give you the nuttiest flavor, but if you can't find it, you can substitute another plant-based milk or creamer (it's also great with cow's milk if you don't care about it being vegan). Try chocolate or vanilla almond milk, oat milk or even macadamia milk. If you opt for a non-hazelnut milk, you might want to add an extra teaspoon of chocolate-hazelnut spread.
Casey Barber Headshot
By Casey Barber

Mint-Chocolate Whipped Iced Coffee

The cool and creamy combination of chocolate and mint is what keeps us unwrapping another Andes candy or sneaking just one more Thin Mint cookie. With this simple Frappuccino-inspired recipe, your coffee can be just as much of a treat—and still not too sweet. Use any type of milk or whipped cream, including nondairy options, for this recipe. Any way you blend it, this icy mint-chocolate whipped coffee will give you thrills and chills.
By Casey Barber

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