This vegan spinach-artichoke dip gets its umami flavor from miso and nutritional yeast, and gets creamy texture from cashews. This vegan dip is rich without feeling heavy. Serve with chips or sliced fresh vegetables for dipping., November 2021


Credit: Photography / Caitlin Bensel, Food Styling / Ruth Blackburn

Recipe Summary

20 mins
50 mins


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Instructions Checklist
  • Preheat oven to 350°F. Coat a 1-quart baking dish or an 8-inch cast-iron skillet with cooking spray. Combine water, cashews and garlic in a large microwaveable bowl. Arrange cauliflower in even layer on top of the cashew mixture (do not stir). Cover lightly with plastic wrap. Microwave on High until the cauliflower and cashews are soft, about 7 minutes.

  • Carefully transfer all contents (including liquid) to a food processor. Process until smooth, scraping down sides as needed, about 1 minute. Add mayonnaise, nutritional yeast, miso, mustard, lemon juice, pepper and salt; process until fully combined. Add artichokes and spinach; pulse until just combined.

  • Transfer to the prepared baking dish or skillet; cover with foil. Bake for 20 minutes; uncover and continue baking until bubbly and just starting to brown along the edges, about 10 minutes more. (Alternatively, this can be served warm or at room temperature straight from the food processor.) Garnish with crushed red pepper, if desired. Serve with chips and/or crudités.

Nutrition Facts

about 1/2 cup
57 calories; protein 3.1g; carbohydrates 3.7g; dietary fiber 1g; sugars 0.5g; fat 3.8g; saturated fat 0.7g; cholesterol 0mg; sodium 62.8mg; water 2.8g; vitamin a iu 0.4IU; vitamin a re 0RE; vitamin a carotenoid 0RE; vitamin a retinol 0RE; vitamin a carotene 0.1mcg; vitamin b1 thiamin 1.8mg; vitamin b2 riboflavin 1.8mg; vitamin b3 niacin 10.5mg; niacin equivalents 10.5mg; vitamin b6 1.8mg; vitamin b12 1.5mcg; vitamin c 0.8mg; folate 45.2mcg; pantothenic acid 1.9mg; iron 0.1mg; potassium 62.2mg; selenium 3.9mcg; alcohol 0g; caffeine 0mg; pyramid bread 0; exchange very lean meat 0; exchange starch 0; soluble fiber 0g; insoluble fiber 0g; other carbs 0.1g; mono fat 0g; poly fat 0g; trans fatty acid 0g; ash 0.2g; biotin 0mcg; vitamin e alpha equivalents 0mg; vitamin e iu 0IU; vitamin e mg 0mg; vitamin k 0mcg; calcium 0.2mg; copper 0mg; magnesium 0.1mg; manganese 0mg; phosphorus 0.1mg; zinc 0mg; 40 butyric 0g; 60 caprioc 0g; 80 caprylic 0g; 100 capric 0g; 120 lauric 0g; 140 myristic 0g; 160 palmitic 0g; 180 stearic 0g; 161 palmitol 0g; 181 oleic 0g; 201 eicosen 0g; 221 erucic 0g; 182 linoleic 0g; 183 linolenic 0g; 184 stearidon 0g; 204 arachidon 0g; 205 epa 0g; 225 dpa 0g; 226 dha 0g; omega 3 fatty acid 0g; omega 6 fatty acid 0g; pyramid fruit 0; energy 0.5kcal; thiamin 0mg; riboflavin 0mg; monosaccharides 0g; disaccharides 0g; chromium 0mcg; fluoride 0mg; alanine 0g; arginine 0g; cystine 0g; glycine 0g; histidine 0g; isoleucine 0g; leucine 0g; lysine 0g; methionine 0g; phenylalanine 0g; proline 0g; serine 0g; threonine 0g; tryptophan 0g; tyrosine 0g; valine 0g; aspartic acid 0g; glutamic acid 0g; phytosterols 0mg.