This variation of a classic sandwich uses mayonnaise, but not where you think! Mayo is brushed on the outside of the sandwich in place of butter to make the sandwich golden and crispy as it heats in a skillet. Plain Greek yogurt takes mayo's place in the salad—along with crunchy celery, roasted red bell peppers and scallions—for a satisfying lunch with less saturated fat.


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10 mins
10 mins

Here's how we made over this recipe to be healthy and diabetes-friendly:

1. We include plenty of chopped vegetables in the tuna salad. In addition to the traditional celery, we add roasted red peppers and scallions to add a bit more crunch and flavor—and to sneak in a little of vitamins C and A. The vegetables add bulk to the sandwich without adding many calories. The roasted red peppers also add moisture to the salad mixture, which helps the sandwich use less mayonnaise overall.

2. We opt for no-salt-added tuna packed in water. This helps cut back on sodium as well as calories. Packaged sandwich bread can be high in sodium, so opting for low-sodium fillings keeps the sodium in check overall. And water-packed tuna is lower in calories than tuna packed in oil, which helps keep the sandwich satisfying without too many calories.

3. We use just a little mayonnaise and put it where it imparts the most flavor. By spreading the outside of the sandwich bread with mayonnaise, we can skip using the traditional melted butter when we heat the sandwich in a skillet, but still ensure the bread crisps up perfectly. And because we use a little mayonnaise on the outside of the bread, we can swap in Greek yogurt for the mayo in the sandwich without compromising flavor.

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  • Stir tuna, celery, roasted red pepper, scallion, yogurt, mustard and pepper together in a medium bowl until well blended.

  • Spread 1 teaspoon mayonnaise (or butter) on one side of each slice of bread. Flip 2 of the slices and top each with half of the tuna mixture, 1 slice cheese and another slice of bread, mayonnaise-side up.

  • Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Place the sandwiches in the pan and cook, turning once, until the cheese is melted and the bread is golden, 3 to 5 minutes per side. Serve immediately.

Nutrition Facts

382 calories; fat 13g; cholesterol 50mg; sodium 675mg; carbohydrates 29g; dietary fiber 5g; protein 34g; sugars 5g; saturated fat 6g; vitamin a iu 776IU; potassium 419mg.