Serve these easy grilled chicken kebabs with apple and cabbage slaw and packet-grilled potatoes for a healthy dinner that's great for summer cookouts. Leave yourself enough time to marinate the chicken for up to three hours in the simple orange-ginger marinade before threading it onto skewers and putting them on the grill.

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  • Zest and juice orange. Combine 1/3 cup of the orange juice, 1/2 tsp. of the orange zest, onion, mustard, ginger, 1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper in a small bowl. Place chicken in a sealable plastic bag set in a shallow dish. Pour the marinade over the chicken. Seal the bag; turn to coat the chicken. Refrigerate for 1 to 3 hours, turning once or twice.

  • Meanwhile, Fold two 24-by-18-inch pieces of heavy foil in half to make two 18-by-12-inch rectangles.

  • Cut potatoes into 1-inch pieces. Divide the potatoes and garlic between the foil rectangles. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with the remaining 1/4 teaspoon each salt and pepper.

  • For each packet, bring up two opposite edges of foil; seal with a double fold. Fold the remaining edges to enclose the potato mixture, leaving space for steam to build.

  • Preheat grill to medium.

  • Grill the packets, covered, for 15 minutes. Turn the potatoes to prevent burning.

  • After the potatoes have been cooking for 15 minutes, drain the chicken, discarding the marinade. Thread the chicken onto nine 6- to 8-inch skewers, place on grill rack, and close grill cover. Grill the kebabs, turning once, until the chicken is no longer pink, about 15 minutes. Continue cooking the potatoes, turning every 10-15 minutes until the potatoes are tender, about 10 to 15 minutes more.

  • Remove the potato packets from the grill and open carefully. Serve the kebabs with slaw and potatoes.


Nine 6- to 8-inch skewers

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Nutrition Facts

2 skewers + 3/4 cup slaw + about 1/2 cup potatoes each
452 calories; protein 40.8g; carbohydrates 36.9g; dietary fiber 6.4g; sugars 11.9g; fat 15.8g; saturated fat 2g; cholesterol 94mg; vitamin a iu 354.8IU; vitamin c 60.3mg; folate 80.1mcg; calcium 92.3mg; iron 3mg; magnesium 90.7mg; potassium 1225.6mg; sodium 436.2mg; thiamin 0.3mg.

5 lean protein, 1 1/2 fat, 1 1/2 starch, 1 vegetable, 1/2 high-fat protein