Your rice cooker excels at cooking much more than rice alone. Indeed, it can make batches of grains tender and fluffy for make-ahead meals. Fill the cooker with the quinoa, water and salt, and let it do the work while you focus on other kitchen tasks.

Source:, February 2019




Ingredient Checklist


Instructions Checklist
  • Stir water, quinoa and salt together in a rice cooker. Choose the "plain" setting and turn on the cooker. Cook until the quinoa is tender and most of the liquid has been absorbed, 30 to 55 minutes, depending on your machine. When the quinoa is done, fluff with a fork.



Equipment: Rice cooker

Nutrition Facts

1/2 cup
156 calories; protein 6g; carbohydrates 27.3g; dietary fiber 3g; sugars 1.1g; fat 2.6g; saturated fat 0.3g; vitamin a iu 5.9IU; folate 78.2mcg; calcium 23.6mg; iron 1.9mg; magnesium 84.9mg; potassium 240.5mg; sodium 151mg; thiamin 0.2mg.

1 starch