Turkey and couscous come together beautifully when paired with a vegetable medley. To give this recipe an Indian twist, season the turkey breast with curry powder or an Indian Spice Rub before grilling or roasting, and toss pine nuts into the cooked couscous.

Source: Diabetic Living Magazine


Recipe Summary

30 mins
30 mins


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  • Place cooked vegetables, turkey breast cutlets and couscous onto a 9-inch plate.

  • Serve with unsweetened applesauce and fat-free milk to complete this balanced meal.

Nutrition Facts

1 serving
602 calories; protein 46.2g; carbohydrates 92.5g; dietary fiber 10.9g; fat 5.7g; saturated fat 1.8g; mono fat 1g; poly fat 1.8g; trans fatty acid 0g; cholesterol 69.7mg; water 524.3g; ash 4.3g; vitamin a iu 8812.3IU; vitamin a re 979.9RE; vitamin a carotenoid 830.5RE; vitamin a retinol 149.5RE; vitamin b1 thiamin 0.5mg; vitamin b2 riboflavin 0.8mg; vitamin b3 niacin 9.2mg; niacin equivalents 18mg; vitamin b6 0.7mg; vitamin b12 1.6mcg; vitamin c 18.4mg; vitamin e alpha equivalents 1.1mg; vitamin e iu 1.6IU; vitamin e mg 1.1mg; folate 78.2mcg; pantothenic acid 2.8mg; calcium 385.8mg; copper 0.4mg; iron 3.9mg; magnesium 117.3mg; manganese 1mg; phosphorus 631.7mg; potassium 1168.9mg; selenium 40mcg; sodium 247.4mg; zinc 4.9mg; 40 butyric 0g; 60 caprioc 0g; 80 caprylic 0g; 100 capric 0g; 120 lauric 0g; 140 myristic 0.1g; 160 palmitic 1g; 180 stearic 0.5g; 161 palmitol 0.1g; 181 oleic 0.9g; 201 eicosen 0g; 221 erucic 0g; 182 linoleic 1.4g; 183 linolenic 0.2g; 184 stearidon 0g; 204 arachidon 0.2g; 205 epa 0g; 225 dpa 0g; 226 dha 0g; omega 3 fatty acid 0.2g; omega 6 fatty acid 1.5g; alanine 2.3g; arginine 2.7g; cystine 0.6g; glycine 1.9g; histidine 1.3g; isoleucine 2.4g; leucine 3.7g; lysine 3.5g; methionine 1.1g; phenylalanine 2g; proline 2.8g; serine 2.2g; threonine 1.9g; tryptophan 0.6g; tyrosine 1.7g; valine 2.5g; alcohol 0g; caffeine 0mg; pyramid vegetables 0; exchange starch 0; energy 604kcal; aspartic acid 4g; glutamic acid 9.2g; thiamin 0.4mg; riboflavin 0.7mg; soluble fiber 0g; insoluble fiber 0g; sugars 24.5g; monosaccharides 0g; disaccharides 12.2g; other carbs 0g; vitamin a carotene 15.9mcg; vitamin k 3.9mcg; molybdenum 7.8mcg; pyramid meat 0; exchange meat 0; pyramid bread 0; biotin 6mcg; pyramid fruit 0; vitamin d iu 100.5IU; vitamin d mcg 2.5mcg; boron 53.8mg; chromium 0.1mcg; fluoride 7.6mg; iodine 56.4mcg; pyramid milk 0; exchange milk 0.