Toss arugula, strawberry slices and shaved Parmesan with this light vinaigrette for a lovely summertime salad.




Ingredient Checklist


Instructions Checklist
  • Whisk or shake together vinegar, oil and orange juice. Season with salt and pepper to taste.


Nutrition Facts

1 tablespoon
50 calories; protein 0g; carbohydrates 0.3g; dietary fiber 0g; soluble fiber 0g; insoluble fiber 0g; sugars 0.3g; monosaccharides 0g; disaccharides 0g; other carbs 0.1g; fat 5.4g; saturated fat 0.8g; mono fat 4.2g; poly fat 0.5g; cholesterol 0mg; water 2.7g; vitamin e alpha equivalents 0.7mg; vitamin e iu 1IU; vitamin e mg 0.7mg; sodium 0mg; omega 3 fatty acid 0g; omega 6 fatty acid 0.4g; alcohol 0g; caffeine 0mg; pyramid fat 0; exchange fat 0; trans fatty acid 0g; ash 0g; vitamin a iu 6.2IU; vitamin a re 0.6RE; vitamin a carotenoid 0.6RE; vitamin a retinol 0RE; vitamin a carotene 1mcg; vitamin b1 thiamin 0mg; vitamin b2 riboflavin 0mg; vitamin b3 niacin 0mg; niacin equivalents 0mg; vitamin b6 0mg; vitamin b12 0mcg; biotin 0mcg; vitamin c 1.6mg; folate 0.9mcg; vitamin k 0mcg; pantothenic acid 0mg; calcium 0.3mg; chromium 0mcg; copper 0mg; iodine 0.1mcg; iron 0mg; magnesium 0.3mg; manganese 0mg; phosphorus 0.5mg; potassium 6.2mg; selenium 0mcg; zinc 0mg; 40 butyric 0g; 60 caprioc 0g; 80 caprylic 0g; 100 capric 0g; 120 lauric 0g; 140 myristic 0g; 160 palmitic 0g; 180 stearic 0g; 161 palmitol 0g; 181 oleic 0g; 201 eicosen 0g; 221 erucic 0g; 182 linoleic 0g; 183 linolenic 0g; 184 stearidon 0g; 204 arachidon 0g; 205 epa 0g; 225 dpa 0g; 226 dha 0g; alanine 0g; arginine 0g; cystine 0g; glycine 0g; histidine 0g; isoleucine 0g; leucine 0g; lysine 0g; methionine 0g; phenylalanine 0g; proline 0g; serine 0g; threonine 0g; tryptophan 0g; tyrosine 0g; valine 0g; pyramid fruit 0; energy 1.4kcal; aspartic acid 0g; glutamic acid 0g; thiamin 0mg; riboflavin 0mg.