Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve
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Le Creuset's Colorful Wine Sleeve Will Keep Your Wine Chilled, Even on Warm Days

Because no one wants a warm glass of wine.
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Whether you're hosting a Mother's Day brunch or having friends over for happy hour, opt to head outside for your next gathering. Not only is it a safer choice right now, but you can also take advantage of the fresh air and gorgeous spring weather. And while the warm weather may feel great for you, one thing that won't appreciate the higher temperatures is that bottle of wine you've opened.

To keep your wine bottle chilled, slide it into Le Creuset's Wine Cooler Sleeve. Before using, simply store the sleeve in the freezer, which will activate the cooling gel. Then, when you're ready to entertain, just slip in the bottle of wine and it will stay insulated for over 90 minutes. Since the whole bottle and its contents will be chilled, you won't have to add ice cubes to your glass, which would dilute the flavor.

Wine Cooler Sleeve
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Whether you're a fan of white wine or rosé, the wine sleeve is designed to work with all 750ml bottles. The sleeve has elastic sides and a tapered top to ensure that the bottle and the sleeve are meshed together tightly so that all parts of the bottle are chilled. And if you're sliding in a bottle that's warm, the sleeve will quickly cool the bottle to serving temperature within 30 minutes. The sleeve is currently available in three colors: flame (orange), cerise (red) and black.

This sleek and functional wine sleeve is the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor gathering. Whether it's a picnic or a lazy Sunday afternoon in the sun, make your next glass of wine a cool one. And if you're looking for something to pair with your wine, there's nothing more delicious than one of these easy charcuterie board ideas.