Progressive International Plastic ProKeeper Herb Keeper
Credit: Amazon

Always Have Fresh Herbs on Hand with This Unique Storage Container

Whether it’s parsley, basil or cilantro, fresh herbs brighten up any dish. Keep your herbs from wilting with this handy container.
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From recipes like our Grilled Salmon with Cilantro-Ginger Sauce to Chickpea Pasta with Lemony-Parsley Pesto, herbs are a great addition to any dish. You could also use herbs in drink recipes like our Basil Lemonade or Fresh Mint Iced Tea. While you could opt for dried herbs, the brightness and color that fresh herbs bring to a dish can't be replicated. Although it may seem tricky to keep fresh herbs alive, we've found the perfect solution: Progressive's Plastic ProKeeper.

Whether you've bought them from the grocery store or just picked them from your garden, this handy storage container will keep your herbs from wilting before you're ready to use them. The container features an herb basket that sits at the bottom and allows the cut stems of the herbs to rest in water, thereby keeping them fresh and vibrant without making them soggy.

When you're ready to use the herbs, simply lift the airtight silicone lid, which will raise the basket of fresh herbs from the water. The container includes a bottom plug that allows you to drain and add water without having to remove the herbs from the basket. You could also use this container for other produce that will benefit from staying in water like asparagus (or get this container that won't squash your stalks).

Once you've used up all of your fresh herbs, the container is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. This BPA-free container will make it easy to enjoy fresh herbs throughout the year. And if you find yourself with more herbs than you need at the moment, learn how to preserve fresh herbs so nothing goes to waste.