Trisha Yearwood's 3-Ingredient Twist on a Piña Colada Will Have You Dreaming of Summer

Pass the mini umbrellas, please.

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Is there anything more relaxing than lying on the beach with a cold, fruity cocktail in hand? (I don't think so!) While it's not quite warm enough to go to the beach where I live, a fruity cocktail is one element I can recreate in my kitchen right now, thanks to Trisha Yearwood's cocktail mixes.

I recently discovered Yearwood's line of cocktail mixes at Williams Sonoma which make mixing up cocktails easier and faster (buy them: Williams Sonoma, $56 for three bottles). And the mix that caught my attention was the Summer in a Cup Aloha Cocktail Mix, which contains pineapple juice, banana juice, orange juice, lemon juice and water.

Summer in a Cup Aloha Cocktail Mix

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Williams Sonoma

Buy it: Williams Sonoma, $38 for two bottles

Yearwood uses the tropical cocktail mix to make her three-ingredient twist on a classic piña colada, or as she calls it, an aloha colada. To make the cocktail, Yearwood adds some of the Summer in a Cup mix with fresh coconut milk and spiced rum to a blender with ice before mixing to create a frosty, cool cocktail.

This fruity mix would be a great addition to any cocktail, and could be used in other delicious ways (watch Yearwood make three other cocktails using the mix here). If you're looking for other summer flavors, Yearwood also has a peach version and a tropical version that features ingredients like pineapple, cherry and tangerine (buy them: Williams Sonoma, $34-$38 for two bottles).

So if you like piña coladas (and getting caught in the rain), the Summer in a Cup Aloha Cocktail Mix will transport you to a sunnier location where you can kick back and relax in delicious fashion.

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