This $8 Product Keeps Your Drinks Icy Cold Without Watering Them Down

They’re perfect for people who love strong coffee or really cold drinks in the summer.

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Reusable Ice Cubes BPA Free
Photo: Walmart

Whether you drink iced coffee year round or like to relax in the summer with a tall glass of Basil Lemonade, there's nothing more refreshing than a cold beverage. But the one downside to a cold beverage is being able to keep it cold. While ice cubes are convenient, after they melt, you're left with a watered-down beverage that doesn't quite quench your thirst. But luckily there's a solution: reusable ice cubes.

Reusable ice cubes are an easy and sustainable way to keep your drink cool. These reusable ice cubes from Diny Home & Style are a colorful and helpful addition to any glass. All you have to do is freeze the cubes until you're ready to use and then add them to your beverage. The BPA-free plastic ice cubes will chill your beverage without watering it down.

Diny Home & Style Reusable Ice Cubes

stack of colorful ice cubes

This affordable pack of ice cubes comes with 18 squares, which is about 50 cents per cube. By switching to reusable ice cubes, you can skip the annoying process of refilling ice cube trays and save water in the process (Don't throw out your ice cube trays though. Instead, repurpose them to portion and freeze tomato sauce or pesto for an easy boost of flavor to any meal.)

Once you're done enjoying your drink, wash the ice cubes with soap and water before popping them back in the freezer for the next use. These reusable ice cubes are a useful and fun addition to your freezer. Or opt for these fruit-shaped cubes that come in a pack of 15 (buy it: Walmart, $8). Either way, your drink will be cold and refreshing!

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