The 5 Best CBD Products for Muscle Aches

Kick pain to the curb with these CBD creams, bath bombs and more.

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3 CBD products for muscle aches
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CBD is starting to take the world by storm. As it gets more popular, there are more and more product options available. From creams to tinctures to bath bombs, there is something out there for everyone. CBD boasts a variety of health benefits, whether it is taken orally or applied topically. One of the benefits is that it helps fight inflammation and can play a role in pain management. For those experiencing chronic joint or muscle pain, this is good news. Products from creams to bath bombs and more could be a helpful tool in managing muscle aches and pains.

Can CBD Help Muscle Aches?

Before we get into the health benefits, it is important to consider what you should know before trying CBD. CBD is a natural compound derived from hemp and cannabis plants. The World Health Organization states that CBD has a good safety profile and is generally well tolerated, though it is important to talk to your doctor if you have questions.

You can ingest CBD in oils or tinctures, infuse it into foods or drinks, or apply CBD topically in creams, bath bombs or oils. It is also important to consider dosage: The higher the milligrams of CBD, the more potent the product is. CBD works in the body by activating the endocannabinoid system, a system in our body that helps maintain homeostasis and regulate bodily functions. As part of this, CBD naturally helps reduce inflammation. Since pain can be related to inflammation, reducing inflammation can help reduce pain.

5 Best CBD Products for Muscle Aches

These are some of our editors' favorite CBD products and more that can help you manage muscle pain.

Topical CBD Cream

spruce CBD

This product combines 300 mg of CBD with natural, plant-derived scents in each 2-ounce jar. This cream should be applied topically to skin over joint pain or muscle aches for best results. With over 500 five-star reviews, this is a fan favorite.

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts

lord jones cbd

Whether you are sore from a workout or need to soothe lingering muscle pain, these Lord Jones High CBD Bath Salts are infused with 240 mg of CBD for an indulgent, relaxing bath. Lord Jones products are also cruelty-free and vegan, so you get a product you can feel good about.

Lord Jones Acid Mantle Repair Moisturizer

cbd moisturizer

For something moisturizing and soothing, try Lord Jones Acid Mantle Repair Moisturizer. Each jar contains 250 mg of CBD for a lighter cream that helps reduce inflammation and keep your skin hydrated all day.

Taos Arctic Fusion Roll-On Gel

cbd roll on gel

Cool off aching muscles with this Taos Arctic Fusion Roll-On Gel. Each 3-ounce jar contains 500 mg of CBD and natural ingredients like menthol that help soothe aching muscles on contact.

Pain Relief Cream

medterra CBD

Medterra CBD Pain Relief Cream creates an over-the-counter quality solution for arthritis and joint pain. It is available in 500 mg and 1,000 mg strength per 1.7-ounce bottle, depending on your preferences. It is perfect for stiff backs, necks, shoulders and more.

Bottom Line

Whether you have sore muscles after a workout or experience chronic muscle and joint pain, CBD's anti-inflammatory properties could be helpful. From bath bombs to creams to gel rollers, there is something for every ache on this list. As always, be sure to talk to your doctor to check if topical CBD is right for you.

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