Keep Asparagus Fresh with This Container That Won't Squash Your Stalks

Say goodbye to slimy, sad asparagus.

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Rubbermaid FreshWorks Saver
Photo: Amazon

Spring is here and the new season means warmer weather and a plethora of fresh, seasonal produce. And one vegetable that will be making a regular appearance on my plate is asparagus. Asparagus adds a pop of color to my meals and boasts some great health benefits, including being packed with fiber, antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E and K. And to help keep my asparagus fresh all season long, I'm using this handy container from Rubbermaid.

Rubbermaid's FreshWorks Saver Container is designed to keep produce fresh while it's in the refrigerator. The lid of the Rubbermaid regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide to create the perfect environment for your produce to stay in its best shape. And compared to other containers, this one has a built-in filter that doesn't need to be replaced over time. The container also has an elevated base to keep produce away from moisture, which can turn fruits and veggies soggy and mushy.

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Saver Container

Rubbermaid container with asparagus stalks

When you're storing your asparagus, you won't have to worry about bending the stalks to fit in the container. The 12.7 cup container was specifically meant to hold the nutritious vegetable, and Rubbermaid has additional size options for all of your seasonal produce. Whether it's the 7.2 cup container for strawberries and blueberries, the 11.3 cup container for broccoli and bell peppers or the 18.1 cup container for leafy greens, all of these containers are dishwasher safe (buy them: Amazon, $8-$18 depending on the size).

Make the most of asparagus season with this useful storage container. From asparagus side dishes for spring to our One-Pan Chicken & Asparagus Bake, asparagus is a healthy and delicious addition to any meal. And if you need any cooking tips, learn how to cook asparagus.

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