Riedel Gin Glasses
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These Glasses Were Designed to Make Your Gin and Tonics Taste Even Better

Gin and tonic season is coming—sip in style with these glasses specifically made for your favorite cocktail.
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It's no secret that gin can be pretty polarizing. To some people, gin tastes like pine needles and perfume, whereas gin-lovers are a pretty die-hard group. If you fall in the latter camp, you know that there's an art to making the perfect gin and tonic. Since there are so few ingredients in this cocktail, the quality of your gin and brand of tonic water can affect its taste drastically. But did you know that the glass you're using could change the taste, too?

While there's nothing wrong with using a high-ball glass, it's worth upgrading to these Riedel gin tumblers since they're specifically designed with your gin and tonic in mind. According to Riedel's website, the tulip-shaped bowl of each glass "allows gin lovers to enjoy the full aromatic expression of the gin's botanicals." Sounds fancy, but also like something you definitely need if you make G&Ts frequently at home.

Riedel Gin Set, Set of 4
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This set of four gin and tonic glasses is just $49.99, and is available for purchase on Amazon. We love how elegant and modern these glasses look—they're simple, so they really allow the cocktail to shine. Plus, they're dishwasher-safe and have over 500, 5-star reviews on Amazon. 

One reviewer said, "Exactly how I would have designed them. Nice bulb to enjoy the nose of the gin and tonic. The bulb also does a great job of preventing ice cubes from sliding into your mouth or lips," while another reviewer said, "The shape makes you feel like you are on a posh vacation!" Some reviewers did mention that since the glasses are made from crystal, they are somewhat delicate—just be sure to stir your ice gently when mixing your G&Ts and treat them like you would a wine glass.

Whether you're sipping a Lavender-Cucumber Gin & Tonic or a Beet-Infused Gin & Tonic this spring, make sure to stock up on the proper glasses to enjoy your G&T in style.