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Ina Garten Swears by These Pop-Up Sponges for Tackling Kitchen Messes

A sponge that’s easy to store and Ina-approved? *Immediately adds to cart*
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When the spring weather arrives, I know two things will inevitably happen: First, my allergies will start to act up and second, I'll need to do a deep-clean of my house (which will hopefully help the former situation). And while spring cleaning may not be my favorite task, thanks to Ina Garten, I've found one item that will make cleaning my kitchen more bearable (and maybe even more fun).

I recently discovered Garten's shop page on her website, which includes recommendations for tableware, kitchen equipment and more. And one timely product that caught my attention was Williams Sonoma's Pop-Up Sponges. These compact sponges are perfect if you want to make the most of precious cabinet space.

Pop-Up Sponges
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The sponges arrive in a flattened, thin rectangle, and then expand when soaked in water. (Remember those toy seahorses that would double in size? These sponges are like that, but actually useful.) This ingenious design means that six sponges can fit into the space of one regular sponge. Plus, the compact sponges are easier to stack, so there's no toppling over when you open the cabinet. These all-natural sponges are made from cellulose and can be used on cookware, fine tableware and more.

When you're done washing the dishes, it's equally important to clean your sponge so it stays fresh and free of bacteria. These sponges are dishwasher-safe and come in two handy sizes: regular (4-inch by 3-inch by 1-inch high) and large (5 ½-inch by 3 ½-inch by 1 ½-inch high). The regular sponges come in a pack of 12 while the large sponges come in a pack of six (buy them: Williams Sonoma, $19).

Once you have these sponges, there's no mess you won't be able to tackle. And when you're done spring cleaning, check out these handy organizers, which will help your home stay clean.