Le Creuset Braiser
Credit: Le Creuset

Le Creuset's Popular Cast-Iron Braiser Is Back in Stock—and I'll Be Adding One to My Cart ASAP

Now, I just need to decide what color to buy.
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Le Creuset has become synonymous with cast-iron cookware—and for good reason. From Dutch ovens to soup pots, Le Creuset's cookware is made from high-quality material that lasts for years (which makes the high price tag worth it). The company's popularity means that items are often sold out—but luckily, they just restocked one item that I've had my eye on.

The Le Creuset Braiser will become your go-to piece of cast-iron cookware. While the braiser is specifically designed for braising meat or vegetables, the pan can also be used for frying, steaming and any other kind of cooking you can think of. Thanks to the wide base, you can brown meat in a single layer, which ensures even cooking every time. Plus, the interior of the pan is made of a light enamel, so you can keep an eye on the color of your food without worrying about it burning.

Le Creuset Braiser in red
Credit: Le Creuset

Buy it: Le Creuset, $200-$360 depending on size

Whether you're making a hearty stew or a weeknight casserole, there will be plenty of room in the braiser as it comes in four sizes: 1 ½ quart, 2 ¼ quart, 3 ½ quart and 5 quart. In addition to the array of sizes, the braiser is also available in a wide range of colors including Cerise (red), Caribbean (blue), Indigo, Nectar (yellow), Licorice (black) and more.

Whichever color you choose, the braiser can be used on any stovetop and in the oven up to 500℉. The versatile cookware also comes with a lid that's designed to lock in  moisture so your food won't dry out. And when you're done cooking, the pan is dishwasher-safe (read: easy cleanup!).

The Le Creuset Braiser is sure to sell out again, so be sure to grab your favorite color before it's too late!