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This Is the One Kitchen Tool I Can't Cook Without—and It's Less Than $13

It is basically three tools in one, and I use it every night.
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I do a lot of cooking, even more so now that I am spending more time at home… and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I have more free time. These days, my cooking is all about efficiency. Especially without a dishwasher, I rely on kitchen tools that can do multiple tasks. Tongs are a kitchen workhorse, and they're definitely a kitchen tool I couldn't live without.

OXO Good Grips 12-Inch Tongs With Nylon Heads
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These OXO Good Grips 12″ Tongs are only $12.74 and I use them basically every night. That's a pretty good return on investment if you ask me. They are non-slip and heat-resistant up to 400 degrees, so you can cook confidently and safely. They are also easy to store and are dishwasher-safe, if you have that luxury (know that I am jealous). I prefer the longer tongs, but you can also get them in a 9" size for something more nimble. 

When I cook, these tongs are basically an extension of my hand. They have a stainless steel body so they are durable, and they also have rubber ends so they don't scratch my pans or cut what I am cooking. With these tongs you can stir vegetables, flip tofu, pick up steaks and remove or add things to a pot with ease. I also use them remove large vegetables or bones from broth before straining to cut down on the splatter. Basically these tongs are a spatula, spoon, whisk and more. Get yours today on Amazon.