Ree Drummond

Ree Drummond Just Launched a New Line of Seasonings and Our Tastebuds Are Tingling

We will be putting the Frontier Chipotle Ranch on everything.
Alex Loh
February 10, 2021
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Cooking like Ree Drummond just got a little bit easier. Whether you're trying to recreate her creamy broccoli carbonara or carrot fries with ketchupy ranch, The Pioneer Woman recently launched a new line of seasonings that will make it feel (and taste like) she's in the kitchen with you.

The new seasoning line includes six different options that would work on meats, veggies and more. In a press release, Drummond says, "I couldn't be more excited to offer home cooks and chefs alike my favorite seasoning blends, which make it easier than ever to create super flavorful recipes. Inspired by the dishes I've made for my family through the years, my line of pre-mixed spices makes it a cinch to season and add excitement to your busy weeknight dinners. I use them daily in my own kitchen, and I know you'll love them, too!". 

The spice blends, such as Tex Mex Cowgirl Seasoning or Frontier Chipotle Ranch Seasoning are available to purchase at Walmart or Amazon. Check out all six seasonings below for easy (and delicious) ways to add flavor to any meal.

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Ree Drummond seasoning
Credit: The Pioneer Woman

Tex Mex Cowgirl Seasoning

This zesty, southwest-inspired blend uses Hatch green chilies, cumin, Mexican oregano and cilantro, and lime zest for a little brightness. We think this would be great to season enchiladas or shrimp tacos.

Buy it: $8.95, or

Ree Drummond ranch seasoning
Credit: The Pioneer Woman

Drummond Ranch Grill Seasoning

Ranch Grill seasoning boasts classic steakhouse flavors: coarse salt, Himalayan pink salt, minced garlic, cracked peppercorn and coriander. Sprinkle some over our Sheet-Pan Steak & Potatoes for the easiest dinner ever.

Buy it: $8.95, or

Ree Drummond anything seasoning
Credit: The Pioneer Woman

Anything Goes Everyday Seasoning

This seasoning is packed with coarse sea salt, celery, black pepper, onion, garlic and lemon zest for a versatile flavor that can be used on just about anything. We think this would be especially delicious on fish or chicken dishes!

Buy it: $8.95, or

Ree Drummond lemon pepper seasoning
Credit: The Pioneer Woman

Cowboy Lemon Pepper Seasoning

This fresh and zippy blend uses lemon, peppercorn, garlic and other savory notes to add brightness to chicken, steaks, vegetables or starches.

Buy it: $8.95, or

Ree Drummond chipotle ranch seasoning
Credit: Amazon

Frontier Chipotle Ranch Seasoning

If you love Buffalo seasoning, you'll probably love this slightly spicy, smoky ranch seasoning too. We can't wait to try this blend of chipotle and Marash chili peppers, sour cream, Cheddar cheese, tomato and other zesty ingredients on a burger!

Buy it: $8.95, or

Ree Drummond pot roast seasoning
Credit: Amazon

Prairie Pot Roast Savory Beef Seasoning

Coarse salt, garlic, onions, rosemary and thyme add a rich, deep wine flavor to any roast. Try it on our Fork-Tender Pot Roast Recipe.

Buy it: $8.95, or

Ree Drummond seasoning line
Credit: The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman 4 Pack Seasonings

This four-pack of seasonings includes Drummond Ranch Grill, Cowboy Lemon Pepper, Tex Mex Cowgirl and Anything Goes Everyday. 

Buy it: $30-$32, or