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Ramekins Are the Underrated Cooking Vessel You Need in Your Kitchen

From custards to casseroles, ramekins can be used for a variety of delicious reasons.
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There are endless kitchen items that are designed to make cooking easier. Whether it's a gadget that makes preparing artichokes faster or a tool that cleans cast-iron pans with ease, it's easy to buy and fill your drawers with items that only have a singular purpose. But the best kitchen items are the most versatile ones, which is why ramekins should definitely have a place in your kitchen cabinets.

Ramekins are great for making individual portions and can be used with a variety of sweet and savory dishes. You can also use ramekins to serve food, which makes for a cute and delicious spread on any table. Check out these three ways to use ramekins in the kitchen. Plus, get our picks for the best ramekins.

How to Use Ramekins

For Cooking


When it comes to savory foods, you can use ramekins for a variety of dishes. Whether it's a soufflé or a casserole (dishes that might traditionally be served in a larger quantity), ramekins let you cut down on the size, which is great if you're just cooking for a few people. When you're cooking in a ramekin, make sure you coat the dish with cooking spray, butter or oil so it's easy to scoop out the contents when you eat.

For Baking

Tropical Coconut Custard

Ramekins are often used when making desserts like crème brûlées, crumbles and cheesecakes. When you're baking in a ramekin, we suggest placing all of the ramekins on a baking sheet, which will make it easier to remove them from the oven without fear of spilling or knocking one over.

For Serving

Classic Southern Appetizer Board

While you can easily present your cheesecakes or casseroles in a ramekin, you can also use the dish with other foods. If you're making a cheese board, a ramekin would be great to hold different components of the spread including nuts, pickles, jams or olives. You could also grab a ramekin to hold dips and sauces like guacamole, mustard or spicy mayo.

Best Ramekins

When you're choosing a ramekin, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you'll want something that's safe to use in an oven—some ramekins are microwave-safe, as well, which can be handy for making things like microwave brownies. Next, think about the height and capacity of the dish. If you plan to make soufflés, you might want a taller ramekin so the soufflé has room to grow. If you're using it for baking, you might want something shallower so your dessert bakes faster. Whatever you choose, these ramekins are cute, functional and worth the precious cabinet space.

Apilco Porcelain Ramekins

Apilco Ramekins
Credit: Williams Sonoma

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Le Creuset Stackable Ramekin

Le Creuset Ramekin
Credit: Le Creuset

Buy it: Le Creuset, $16 for one ramekin

Emile Henry Ramekin

Emile Henry ramekins
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Buy it: Amazon, $21-$40 for a set of two 8.5-oz. ramekins

Accguan Ramekin

Accguan ramekin set
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Duralex Ramekin

Duralex glass ramekin
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LIFVER Ceramic Ramekin

LIFVER ceramic ramekin
Credit: Amazon

Buy it: Amazon, $15 for a set of six 5-oz. ramekins