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5 Gifts Under $40 to Buy Yourself This Valentine's Day

Because self-love is just as important as romantic love.
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While Valentine's Day is usually reserved for couples, I think that rule is a bit outdated and definitely worth breaking. There are so many other relationships worth celebrating, like the ones with our friends, family (and that includes pets) and, perhaps most importantly, ourselves!

In fact, I think Valentine's Day is the perfect day to treat yourself to a little love gift (as if you need an official excuse). After all, your relationship with yourself is just as important as the other ones in your life. Consider this your official permission—you deserve it!

Best Valentine's Day Gifts Under $40 to Buy Yourself

Loungewear Set

I firmly believe that a nice set of pajamas is one of the most underrated luxuries in life. While there's nothing wrong with sleeping in a well-loved college t-shirt, a matching loungewear set feels so much more special. We're all spending way more time at home, so this cozy set is a practical purchase too! Bonus: I love that it comes in lots of different colors (including trendy tie-dye), so you can buy multiple pairs if you're feeling fancy.

PRETTYGARDEN Women's Solid Color Two Piece Outfit
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Why wait for someone else to buy you flowers? I'm such a big fan of Bouq's gorgeous flower arrangements—they're super fresh and are put together in a really modern way. This pink and red "Strawberry Shortcake" arrangement, made with roses, carnations and greenery, is the perfect way to treat yourself this V-Day. 

Strawberry Shortcake Bouquet
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A Heart-Shaped Mug

Show yourself some love every morning with a cheeky heart-shaped mug. I love this one from Williams Sonoma—it's so chic and adorable, you could use it all year round. Not a fan of coffee or tea? There are other heart-studded pieces in this collection, including aprons, measuring cups and heart towels

Valentine's Day Red Heart Mugs (Single)
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Williams Sonoma

Bath Bomb

Practice a little self-care and self-love with one of these adorable conversation heart bath bombs! Choose from phrases like "I love you," "xoxo" and more. Each 4-ounce bomb is scented with a mix of citrus, berry and vanilla fragrances for a fun and relaxing bath-time ritual.

Conversation Heart Bath Bomb
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A Cute Waffle Maker

While this little guy won't bring you breakfast in bed, it'll pretty much do everything else. This $10 waffle maker (yep, you read that right) can make adorable, heart-shaped waffles, hash browns, chaffles, cinnamon rolls and more in just minutes. Go ahead and make yourself a special Valentine's Day breakfast, you deserve it.

Dash Red Love Heart Waffle Maker
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