Great Jones Dutch Oven
Credit: Great Jones

This Colorful Dutch Oven Has a Cult-Like Following—and It's Cheaper Than Le Creuset and Staub

One reviewer called it the greatest cookware of all time.
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Great Jones, which launched in 2018, is known for their Instagram-worthy colors and well-crafted kitchen essentials. From their baking line to a limited-edition tea towel, it's easy to understand why people love this affordable and gorgeous brand. But the one item that I'm most excited about is Great Jones's Dutch oven.

Great Jones dutch oven
Credit: Great Jones

Buy it: Great Jones, $155

Also known as The Dutchess, this enameled cast-iron Dutch oven is perfect for searing, stewing, braising and pretty much any other -ing you can think of. The Dutch oven's versatility allows for cooking in the oven (up to 500℉) or on the stovetop. Plus, with wider handles, it's easy to transport the cooking vessel to the table so you can serve your meal directly from the pot.

You can choose from seven different colors: blueberry, broccoli, mustard, marinara, Earl grey, salt and pepper. While the exterior colors are beautiful, it's the interior that will catch your eye. Instead of being white like most Dutch ovens, The Dutchess is a light gray, which is meant to help hide stains.

Not only is there plenty of space in the oval-shaped Dutch oven (it can hold up to 6 ¾ quarts), but the vessel has a curved design, which is meant to keep food from getting stuck. And when you're done cooking, The Dutchess is safe to use in the dishwasher. 

And perhaps best of all, this Dutch oven is significantly lower than Le Creuset (their 6 ¾ model is $380 when it's full price) and Staub's 7-quart cast-iron Dutch oven is typically $543! While these pricey pieces of cookware are meant to last a lifetime, we think Great Jones's Dutch Oven is the perfect choice if you're looking for an affordable and quality kitchen item (buy it: Great Jones, $155). It's easy to see why one reviewer calls it "the best gift I have ever gotten for myself." Now the only question left is what color to get?