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A kitchen scale is one of those handy items that you might not think you need, but after trying it, realize you absolutely do. While there are different varieties of scales, the use for them is fairly standard. Primarily, kitchen scales are used to measure and weigh ingredients, whether for baking or cooking. For baked goods like pizza dough or cake, a scale is particularly helpful when measuring dry ingredients (after all, baking is all about precision!). Beyond baking, a scale can also be used for measuring anything from coffee grounds to spices. You could also use your kitchen scale to portion out food for meal prepping. (Some people also use kitchen scales to weigh food to cut calories.) To help you find the perfect scale to fit your needs, we've pulled together a list of the best kitchen scales.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Scale?

Before you make your purchase, there are three key factors to keep in mind when buying a scale. First, there are a few types of scales you can choose from, including digital, mechanical or a combination of the two. All of the scales on this list are digital or digital-mechanical, as we were looking for scales that would also be easy to store and oftentimes mechanical scales are bulky and can take up a lot of counter space.

In addition to the different types of scales, you should also look for the units of measurement a scale can provide. Typically, most scales feature grams and ounces, which is perfect if you're using the scale to bake or cook. However, some scales also offer the weight in pounds, pounds and ounces combined, fluid ounces or milliliters. If you know you'll be using the scale to measure liquids, look for a scale that offers fluid ounces as an option.

Finally, the third factor to think about when buying a kitchen scale is what kind of surface it has. For example, most mechanical scales have a bowl, which is handy if you're weighing produce. On the other hand, most digital or digital-mechanical scales come with a flat surface, which gives you more flexibility when measuring since you can easily add a bowl when you need it and remove it when you don't.

Best Kitchen Scales

This is our list of the best kitchen scales to make it easier for you to pick one.

Read on for details on what makes these scales the best, as well as the scales that deserve an honorable mention.

Best Overall Kitchen Scale

OXO Precision Scale with Timer

OXO kitchen scale

OXO is known for their high-quality kitchen items, and their Precision Scale with Timer is no different. With a sleek surface, this kitchen scale provides measurements in grams, ounces, and pounds and ounces combined, and it's easy to read the measurements thanks to the bright and large display at the bottom. The best part of this scale though is the nonslip silicone mat, which you can use to weigh hot items without damaging the surface of the scale. The silicone mat also works to prevent scratches or marks on the surface. In addition to this handy accessory, the scale also includes a helpful bar on the display, which indicates how close you are to hitting the maximum weight of the scale.

To buy: OXO, $50

You might also consider:

Cuisinart PrecisionChef Bowl Kitchen Scale

Cuisinart kitchen scal

The Cuisinart PrecisionChef Bowl Kitchen Scale is a great option if you're looking for a scale with a bowl. The stainless-steel bowl is perfect for measuring everything from flour to produce or even liquids. If you're measuring liquids, the bowl comes with a handy spout, which makes pouring a snap. In addition, the bowl offers cup measurements on the interior and when set to ounces provides a weight with fractions, so you can get an accurate and precise reading.

To buy: Amazon, $50

Best Kitchen Scale for Meal Prep

Escali SmartConnect Bluetooth Kitchen Scale

Escali SmartConnect kitchen scale

If you're looking to use your kitchen scale to eat healthy and you like the idea of tracking your meals, Escali's SmartConnect Bluetooth Kitchen Scale is the perfect choice. The scale works in conjunction with the Escali SmartConnect app (which you can download for free) and will send weights directly to your phone so you can keep track of what you eat. The app also provides nutrition information like calories, fiber and more based on the USDA food database. Another great feature of the scale is its timer, which lets you set a time, as opposed to a stopwatch feature like other scales.

To buy: Wayfair, $100

Best Digital Kitchen Scale

Zwilling Enfinigy Digital Kitchen Scale

Zwilling digital kitchen scale

If you're looking for a sleek, classic and accurate scale, look no further than the Zwilling Enfinigy Digital Kitchen Scale. With a maximum weight of 22 pounds, this scale is perfect for larger items like a roast chicken or pork loin. Not only can it hold a lot of weight, but it's also simple to tare and un-tare an item should you end up needing the weight of the container after all. Rather than disposable ones, this scale has a rechargeable battery with a handy USB cable for powering up. Plus, the scale features a clear and bright LCD display that makes it easy to read any measurement.

To buy: Zwilling, $65

You might also consider:

Escali Stela Solar Powered Kitchen Scale

Escali solar scale

Rather than operating on traditional batteries, this scale runs on environmentally friendly solar power. Whether it's natural or artificial light, the Escali Stela Solar Powered Kitchen Scale gets its power through a solar cell on the front and has a helpful sun indicator that lets you know when the scale is charging. Aside from this cool feature, the best part of this scale is the "hold" button. This unique feature lets you measure an item and then hold the reading on the display even after the item is removed. If you're weighing with a large bowl, which might cast a shadow on the display, this feature makes it easy to take and keep the measurement.

To buy: Amazon, $35

Best Digital-Mechanical Scale

Ozeri Rev Digital Kitchen Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial

ozeri kitchen scale

The Ozeri scale combines digital and mechanical measurements into one handy, budget-friendly kitchen item. With units of grams, pounds, ounces and kilograms, the scale provides multiple readings simultaneously with the digital display and the mechanical dial. This feature is helpful because it will save you time from converting numbers and mistakenly measuring the wrong amount. The smooth glass surface is easy to wipe down, and the scale features feet on the bottom to ensure it doesn't slip when measuring.

To buy: Home Depot, $20

Best Kitchen Scale on Amazon

Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale

Etekcity scale

There are endless options when shopping on Amazon, but the Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale takes the No. 1 spot for us. Thousands of five-star ratings attest that this scale is easy to use for quick measurements—and at under $15, it's budget-friendly. The scale provides five different units, including ounces, grams, fluid ounces, milliliters, and pounds and ounces combined. In addition, the scale features padding on the bottom so the scale remains stable when measuring. The lightweight scale is also compact, which will make it easy to store when not in use.

To buy: Amazon, $14

Best Digital Kitchen Scale for Coffee

Hario V60 Coffee Drip Scale

Hario scale

If you're a serious coffee drinker, the Hario V60 Coffee Drip Scale is for you. The lightweight scale is designed for pour-over coffee drinkers and includes a timer that allows you to calculate times between pours while your coffee blooms. The timer allows you to run one continuous cycle, with the ability to stop and start, without resetting the timer. The scale is compatible with Hario's Pour-Over Coffee Maker, but you can use any pour-over system. While this scale only measures in grams, and is designed for coffee, you can easily measure other items with it.

To buy: Amazon, $79

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