This 2-Piece Baking Dish Set Is Perfect for Making Casseroles—and It's Almost 60% Off Right Now

Get ready to make all the comforting casseroles your heart (and stomach) desire.

Staub baking dish set
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As a food lover, it's often tempting to buy the latest gadget or newest pan to add to my kitchen. While I'll occasionally indulge that impulse (like with this Silpat baking mat), it's actually more cost effective to buy one high-quality item that I know will last a long time. Although that would usually mean spending a chunk of change, there are some great deals happening right now that I plan to take advantage of.

The first item I'm adding to my cart is Staub's 2-Piece Stoneware Baking Dish Set, which is over 50% off right now (buy it: Wayfair, on sale for $50. This 2-piece dish set is perfect for making weeknight dinners like Chicken & Mushroom Shepherd's Pie and French Onion Dip Chicken & Rice Casserole. You can use the dishes in the microwave, oven, freezer and refrigerator so you'll only have to use one dish to cook, freeze or reheat food. Plus, the baking set is dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning up a breeze.

This baking set is the perfect investment from Staub because it's made from stoneware that's designed to be highly scratch-resistant (so you won't have to replace it after a few uses). Plus, it's easy to store, since the 7.5-inch x 6-inch dish nestles inside of the 10.5-inch x 7.5-inch dish. While I'll definitely be investing in this set, Staub has some other great items on sale now. Check out my other favorite Staub items below, and hurry, because these deals will be gone before you know it!

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Staub Ceramics 2 Piece Stoneware Baking Dish Set

Staub 2-piece Baking Set

Buy it: Wayfair, $50 (orig. $120)

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Staub 12-Inch Saute Pan with Glass Lid

Staub pan

Buy it: Zwilling, $150 (orig. $357), available in two colors

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Staub Round Cocotte - 5.5 Quart

Staub round cocotte

Buy it: Zwilling, $260-$280 (orig. $486-$514), available in seven colors

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Staub French Oven - 3.75 Quart

Staub round French oven

Buy it: Zwilling, $180-$200 (orig. $429-$457), available in six colors

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Staub Square Oven Dish

Staub square baking dish

Buy it: Zwilling, $80 (orig. $170), available in two colors

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Staub Frying Pan

Staub fry pan

Buy it: Zwilling, $170 (orig. $293)

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Staub Pure Grill

Staub grill pan

Buy it: Zwilling, $100-$120 (orig. $229-$243), available in five colors

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