There's a Bucatini Shortage, So Yes I Am Buying Pasta Online

It's my favorite pasta shape and I haven't had it months. If you miss this noodle, here's where you can get it.

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I realize not everyone has heard of bucatini, but if you haven't had it you're missing out. It looks like spaghetti with a hole in it, but in my family it's the perfect long noodle. My husband likes thick noodles like fettuccine and I love thin spaghetti and angel hair, which means on nights we make long pasta we always turn to bucatini. Needless to say our household is obsessed, so we were saddened to learn about a bucatini shortage.

According to People, between increased demand for other pasta shapes holding up bucatini production, people using bucatini in place of plastic straws and an FDA import issue with one brand, it's been basically impossible to find bucatini on store shelves. Since I love pasta, we've been making do in our house with other shapes, but continued to search for bucatini every time we went to the store.

Sunday dinners have become one of our favorite weekly rituals, and more often than not we make bucatini and meatballs (well veggie meatballs for me) and it's just not the same with spaghetti. Finally, I just decided that enough was enough and it was time for me to shop online for pasta. If you're like me, and need your bucatini fix—here's where you can score some.

Signature Bucatini 16oz - Good & Gather™

good and gather bucatini package

Granoro Bucatini

package of granoro bucatini

Barilla Bucatini 20 pack

package of barilla bucatini in blue box
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