Food52's Modern Compact Colander

This Compact Colander Is Perfect for Small Kitchens and It's on Sale Right Now

Who knew a kitchen appliance could be fun and practical?
Alex Loh
December 16, 2020
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For many, myself included, cooking can fluctuate between a fun hobby and an annoying necessity—especially since frequently eating out isn't a realistic (or budget-friendly) option. But on the days when cooking is exciting, I've found that one thing really improves my time in the kitchen: fun kitchen gadgets. 

From a garlic chopper that zooms across my cutting board to a strawberry huller that chops my fruit, I am always looking for tools that are both practical and entertaining. And the next item I'm buying for my kitchen is Food52's Modern Compact Colander (buy it: Food52, $24-29 depending on the color). 

This plastic colander is designed to make washing produce easier and fun. To use, simply place your produce into the bowl of the colander and rotate to create a globe with the produce encased inside. You then run water through the handle of the colander and shake the tool to clean your produce (it's like a giant maraca, but for your vegetables). Then, just rotate the bowl again to open the container, and you'll have clean produce to enjoy. 

If you have a smaller kitchen (or are just a fan of kitchen gadgets like me), this colander is just 14"L x 7"D x 4"H, so it won't take up too much space in your cabinets. Plus, the colander is dishwasher safe, which means an easy and quick cleanup. 

The colander comes in two color options, including green and grey (buy it: Food52, $24-29 depending on the color). Whichever color you choose is sure to bring some brightness to your kitchen. Now, all that's missing is some music to dance to while you shake your produce!