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This $6 Tool Can Help You Have a More Organized Pantry in Just Minutes

It's is a game changer for labeling everything from spices to grains and snacks.
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@Pinchofhelp has easily become one of my favorite home organizing accounts to follow on Instagram. Brittani and her team, including her husband, do the most dreamy makeovers to bathrooms, playrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Her fridge makeovers showcase the most perfectly organized produce, yogurt and drinks, but where she really inspired me was the pantry (specifically, anything she does with spices) and her "How I Label" story highlight.

Brittani uses a marker for labeling jars and bins—instead of custom labels or expensive stickers (you can spot the writing on her olive oil jar, above). It's just an oil-based sharpie but it looks so beautiful on mason jars, spice containers and more and it's only $6 on Amazon (or $9 for three markers). I have plans to label all the glass storage jars in my pantry and write on my flour and sugar containers. To remove your marker, Brittani says to use rubbing alcohol, not just soap and water.

Full disclosure, I am no Martha Stewart. In fact, when I shared the current state of my pantry on Instagram stories a few weeks ago, someone responded that they loved how "real life" my pantry was (hence, why I'm looking for inspiration). But I don't want to do a complete overhaul or spend tons of money on different containers. Adding pretty white letters to my jars will not only help me see my foods and spices better but will help give a more uniform look to my food storage—and for $6, that seems totally worth it.

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