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Our Meal-Plan Editor's Favorite Cutting Board Is 40% off Right Now

Boos Blocks are the only cutting boards you need in your kitchen and with these Cyber Monday deals, you can get one for yourself and your foodie friend!
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Boos Blocks are the classic butcher's block cutting boards that you'll find everywhere from the fanciest restaurant kitchens to home kitchens. Made from maple, cherry and walnut wood, they're not only beautiful but durable and, in my opinion, the only cutting board you need in your kitchen. If you don't already have one or are looking to add to your collection (like me!), now's the time to buy, with Cyber Monday deals saving you up to 40% off on these beauties. These high-quality chopping boards would also make a really nice gift for your foodie family member or friend.

Starting with the smaller of the three sizes, which measures at 18" x 12" and 1.5" thick, there are two options made with maple on sale. This size of cutting board is great for everyday prep and fits easily in a kitchen cabinet. The first of the two boards has a sale price of $78 (40% off) and has a "juice groove", which is nice when carving a roast chicken or steak, as it catches the juices rather than letting them spill over on to the countertop. Don't need the juice groove? Simply flip the board over and you'll have a fully flat cutting board. This is the board I'm buying myself this cyber Monday to replace some of my old, stained plastic cutting boards.

John Boos Maple 18" x 12" Cutting Board with Juice Groove
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If you want this size of a board but are looking to pay a little less, you could go for the board without the juice groove, which comes in at $69. This is also reversible, so it's basically two chopping boards in one. Say you're chopping garlic on one side and need to switch to cutting watermelon but you don't have space to get out another board—you can simply flip your Boos Block over to the clean side and finish your prep, without worrying about the two very different flavors melding together.

John Boos Maple 18" x 12" Cutting Board
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The next size up measures at 20" x 15" and is also 1.5" thick and comes in at $80 (a 25% savings). This size is ideal for someone who likes to do a lot of prep at once. The extra space means you can push your chopped onion to one side, your chopped carrots to the other and still have space to chop your celery (before adding it to all to a soup pot or stuffing). The board that's on sale doesn't have a juice groove, so you'll just want to let your cooked meat rest for a little longer, to help keep those juices from spilling over the board.

John Boos Maple 20" x 15" Cutting Board
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Last but not least, there is the largest of the three sizes, which is personally my favorite size. It measures at 24" x 18" and is the same 1.5" thickness and is on sale for $97, which is a 31% savings. The one that's on sale does not have a juice groove, but it's still just as useful. This board can be used for everything—it's especially great for prepping lots of veggies for a big pot of soup or carving a turkey, chicken or other large piece of meat. And when we get back to hosting parties post-COVID, this cutting board makes the best cheese board.

John Boos Maple 24" x 18" Cutting Board
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While the same 24" x 18" cutting board with a juice groove isn't on sale, it also not that much more. If you're looking for that extra layer of use or are big into cooking large chunks of meat, I'd suggest paying the additional $22 and investing in the board with juice grooves. This is the board you'll see in all of my Prep School videos!

John Boos Maple 24" x 18" Cutting Board with Juice Groove
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