The Best Dutch Ovens, According to Our Test Kitchen

These Dutch ovens handle soups, stews, braises and more with ease—and they start at just $50.
Lucy M. Clark
November 25, 2020

Every kitchen needs a good Dutch oven. These heirloom-worthy pots have been serving up hearty stews, braises, roasts and even bread for centuries. Yes, they can be an investment piece (our picks range from $70 to over $300), but they’re incredibly versatile. They can move from stovetop to oven seamlessly. And their substantial, coated-cast-iron construction makes them excellent heat conductors, especially compared to aluminum stockpots.

It also doesn’t hurt that Dutch ovens come in a world of gorgeous colors. We recommend going for a 5- to 6-quart one, so it’s roomy enough for things like a family-size pot of chili, but not so massive that it takes up all your cabinet space. So, what are you waiting for? 

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