Christmas ornaments
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These 2020 Christmas Ornaments Are the Perfect Keepsake for This Ridiculous Year

Raise your hand if your tree went up in October!
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Normally, I'm a staunch advocate for holding off on anything Christmas-related until the day after Thanksgiving. That means switching the channel whenever a holiday movie comes on or avoiding certain radio stations while I drive. Then once Black Friday rolls around, I'm more than happy to get in the Christmas spirit. But in a year like 2020, which has been stressful to say the least, I'm totally open to breaking my rule and embracing the Christmas season early.

While I'm already knee-deep in watching Christmas movies (Netflix has some great ones!), I'm just starting my holiday shopping. And with many people turning to online shopping this year, I need to order my gifts now to allow for ample shipping time. And one gift that's definitely on my list: ornaments!

Ornaments are a perfect way to commemorate this year. And the best place to get unique ornaments is Etsy. Not only are you supporting a small business, but it's easy to find an ornament that fits the personality and interests of your loved ones. To help you find the perfect gift, I've pulled together my favorite ornaments that highlight some of the biggest topics of the year. They're guaranteed to put a smile on your face in years to come as you decorate your tree.

The Best 2020 Christmas Ornaments

Dr. Anthony Fauci Ornaments

Dr. Fauci is one of the country's leading experts on the coronavirus and he's quickly become popular in the media. From Brad Pitt's impersonation of him on SNL to a restaurant featuring his face on doughnuts, these ornaments are fun and festive.

Dr Fauci ornament
Credit: Etsy / FollowStores

Dr Fauci Wash Your Hand Stay At Home And Merry Christmas Ornament


Dr Fauci ornament mask
Credit: Etsy / GrowingandGoing

Dr. Anthony Fauci Christmas Ornament


Toilet Paper Ornaments

We all remember the craze that descended on grocery stores at the start of the pandemic. Many people stocked up on food and household items in case they had to quarantine and toilet paper was the hot-ticket item. (As cases begin to surge again, learn what to stock up on without being a hoarder.)

2020 ornament
Credit: Etsy / RockyMountainLaser

2020 Year Wood Mask and Toilet Paper Ornament Circle


toilet paper tree ornament
Credit: Etsy / icecreaMNloveHoliday

Christmas 2020 Toilet Paper Tree Ornament

$9.29 (on sale from $15.49),

Face Mask Ornaments

Face masks are an effective form of helping slow the spread of the coronavirus, according to the CDC. These ornaments give a holiday spin to the most important accessory of the year.

Santa wearing a mask ornament
Credit: Etsy / ILoveYouBunches

Santa Mask Ornament


llama wearing a mask ornament
Credit: Etsy / BrightSpiritsDesigns

Christmas Mask 2020 Ornament


Custom Family Ornaments

These ornaments are perfect if you can't celebrate in person this year. Send your mom, brother or cousin a custom ornament featuring your family (pets too!).

custom family mask ornament
Credit: Etsy / FamilyOrnaments

Tangled Lights Quarantine Family Ornament

$19.50 and up depending on customization,

custom family ornament
Credit: Etsy / Sparrowprint

Personalized Family Christmas Ornament


Hiking Ornaments

This summer, hiking was one of the few activities that you could participate in while social distancing from others. These ornaments are perfect for celebrating your newfound love of the outdoors.

tree ornament
Credit: Etsy / presswest

Tree Wood Slice Ornament


mountain ornament
Credit: Etsy / CCRCustomMetals

Mountain Sun Ornament


Baking Ornaments

Many people discovered the joys of baking this year, especially when it came to bread. Get these ornaments for that one friend who just couldn't stop talking about their sourdough starter.

sourdough bread ornament
Credit: Etsy / shoproryann

Tiny Sourdough Bread Ornament


stand mixer ornament
Credit: Etsy / OrnamentsAreForever

Kitchen Mixer Christmas Ornament


TV Show Ornaments

To say I watched TV this year would be a massive understatement. I know I'm not alone in my countless hours of bingeing TV shows. These ornaments feature some popular sitcom characters and their catchphrases with a 2020-themed spin.

Parks and Rec ornament
Credit: Etsy / CatBoneDesign

2020 Is The Worst Christmas Ornament


Schitt's Creek ornament
Credit: Etsy / NeatandsleekStore

Ew 2020 Christmas Ornament


Dumpster Fire Ornaments

This year has been crazy and for those of you who are ready to completely say goodbye to all that is 2020, a dumpster fire ornament might be the perfect keepsake.

dumpster ornament
Credit: Etsy / CloudNineandCompany

Dumpster Fire Christmas Ornament


dumpster fire ornament
Credit: Etsy / Craftburys

2020 Dumpster Fire Ornaments