Hear Me Out: Your Refrigerator Needs Storage Bins—Here's Why

Say goodbye to knocking over the ketchup bottle every time you reach for the butter.

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The Container Store bins
Photo: The Container Store

I could spend hours watching TV shows about home organization and design. There's just something so satisfying about watching a messy, disorganized room transform into a functional, stylish space. So it's no surprise that I tore through the latest home organization show on Netflix: Get Organized with The Home Edit.

I was already familiar with (and a fan of) The Home Edit, the organization company founded by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, and their products for organizing your pantry (like this lazy Susan). But when I watched the show, I was surprised to see that their organization tips extended past the pantry and into the refrigerator.

While I like to think my refrigerator is organized, after watching this show I realize that there's massive room for change. And the easiest way to improve the function and flow of my refrigerator is getting storage bins. Items like this divided fridge drawer or divided freezer bin make it easier to group together similar items, like dairy products or condiments, so you never buy or open up a new container without finishing the old one first (buy them: The Container Store, $18-20).

The Home Edit Divided Fridge Drawer

The Home Edit kitchen storage bin
The Container Store

You could also organize using these produce or berry bins that come with a removable drainage tray, which keeps any unnecessary moisture away from your fruits and vegetables (buy them: The Container Store, $15-20). But my favorite products from The Home Edit are these organizer bins (buy them: The Container store, $6-9). The bins come in four different sizes, including tall, small, medium and large. These containers are perfect for all of the odds and ends in my refrigerator, like storing ketchup packets that I get from takeout or preventing the soda bottles from falling over every time I open the fridge door (seriously, every. single. time.).

The Home Edit Berry Bins

The Home Edit berry storage bin
The Container Store

And the best part about these containers is that they all work together! Since they're all from The Home Edit, the containers can easily be stacked to fit the different spaces in your refrigerator. And when it comes to cleaning and care, they can all be hand-washed with a little dish soap and water.

While organizing your refrigerator might not be at the top of your to-do list, it should be! It's a space you use multiple times a day, so why not make it function in a way that makes cooking easier? Now, if only I could get The Home Edit to help me organize my closet.

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