Vintage Tableware Just Like Grandma's

Bring back some retro flair and memories of Grandma with these vintage cocktail glasses, Pyrex dishes and classic cookware.

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vintage tableware just like grandma
Photo: Design by Tyrel Stendahl

Our series, "Just Like Grandma Used to Make," explores why we're craving Grandma's cooking now more than ever—and why we should all embrace our comfort-food cravings.

I remember always loving when I got to use my mom's fancy glassware during the holidays or a special dinner. My sisters and I would pop the cap off a bottle of Martinelli's (nonalcoholic) Sparkling Cider and fill champagne flutes to the top, and we would drink soda out of her tiny port glasses. We felt so cool. And a staple in my grandma's house was this pretzel jar, with wooden handles and a wooden top and the Budweiser Clydesdale horses etched on the front. You'd give her a hug then go straight for the pretzel jar. My cousin now has that same jar sitting in her kitchen. And now I have my own collection of vintage glasses, dishes, candlesticks and other unique items I find in local antique stores. Here are just some vintage pieces that may just remind you of ones like Grandma's.

Vintage Mismatched Cocktail Glasses (Set of 6)

etsy vintage glasses

These mismatched vintage glasses are a fun way to stock your shelves. If you're looking for a more retro vibe, these tawny-colored glasses from the '70s are it (To Buy:, $18 for 4). Or, if you're looking for matching glasses, go for this set of 10 crystal wine glasses (To Buy:, $37 for 10).

Vintage Pyrex

etsy vintage pyrex

Vintage Pyrex containers are really in a category of their own. The cool, colorful designs are unique and oh-so-reminiscent of growing up. Scan all of Etsy's Vintage Pyrex offerings to find your favorites.

Food52 x Dansk Kobenstyle Casserole (2-QT.)

dansk casserole

This midcentury modern Dansk cookware was a staple in many homes in, starting in the '50s. The unique design and bright colors really add a pop to your kitchen. Scroll through this colorful collection to find some for yourself.

Jadeite Cake Stand with Dome

jadite cake stand

Jadeite became popular the '20s and it makes sense why. The eye-catching green shade is just beautiful and it really makes this cake stand stand out from the rest (pun intended).

Farberware 120 Year Limited Edition Cookware (10 piece)

farberware cookware

Farberware just released their 120th Anniversary set in this retro blue color and a classic pewter color. These stainless-steel pots were in my kitchen growing up, and I know in many others, too.

Brass Candlesticks

brass candle sticks

There are tons of candlesticks available online; these ones check the box for affordable and beautiful. In addition to brass candlesticks, like these, there are plenty of other colors and designs, like these miniature candlestick holders (To Buy:, $14).

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